Mandala Monday – Simple Mandala Mehndi Design by Om Henna Om

Our tutorial today is on how to create a simple mandala mehndi design by Om Henna Om!.

According to WikipediaMehndi or “Mehendi” or henna is a paste that is created from the powdered leaf of the henna plant and is made into designs for men and women. Mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit word mendhikā. The use of mehndi and turmeric is described in the earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books. It was originally used for only women’s palms and sometimes for men, but as time progressed, it was more common for men to wear it. 

Mehndi in Indian tradition is typically applied during special Hindu weddings and Hindu festivals like Karva Chauth, Vat Purnima, Diwali, Bhai Dooj and Teej. In Hindu festivals, many women have Henna applied to their hands and feet and sometimes on the back of their shoulders too, as men have it applied on their arms, legs, back, and chest. For women, it is usually drawn on the palm, back of the hand and on feet, where the design will be clearest due to contrast with the lighter skin on these surfaces, which naturally contain less of the pigment melanin.”

Simple Mandala Mehndi Design by Om Henna Om

Here is a short video showing some of Om Henna Om!‘s other beautiful Mehndi designs. Enjoy!

Mandala Mehndi Om Henna OmTo see more of Om Henna Om! go to:



I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

Mandala Monday – 2 More Places to Draw Mandalas Online

I found 2 new places to draw mandalas online. The first I found from the post Mandala-Making: Release Your Inner Wisdom, a tutorial on how to draw mandalas, which also links to a video, which we featured on November 7, 2016 (Mandala Monday – How to draw Mandalas (even if you can’t draw) by Andrea Schroeder). In addition, Mandala-Making: Release Your Inner Wisdom also points you to where you can draw your own mandala with their interface and download it to color, or color it online.

The instructions for using the tool on are included in the post and I have copied them for you here as well:

  • Go to the creation page.
  • From the bottom menu, choose your “Stage Color” as white and “Shape Color” as black.
  • From here you can play with the drawing “Tools” on the bottom menu. It works well if you start with the “Polygon” shape option and then add details with the “Smooth Pencil.” To make a more intricate pattern, go the “Sides” tab on the bottom menu and increase the number.
  • On the upper menu, you can undo or clear your work under the “Edit” tab.
  • The “Download Wallpaper” function under the “File” tab creates the perfect downloadable and printable coloring page!
  • Note: Under the “View” tab of the top menu, unchecking the “Blur” option makes for a cleaner coloring page printout.*

(*These instructions are directly quoted from Mandala-Making: Release Your Inner Wisdom)

You can also simply make colorful mandalas online using this program and share them with friends!

This post has lots of other mandala links and information. Those include links to mandala coloring pages as well as a link to download mandalas to color right from the post. Here is an example of one of them:

Draw Mandalas Online

This post is a treasure trove of mandala information. Enjoy.

Another cool site to draw mandalas online is They also have apps for your phone or tablet that can be found at .

So go forth and draw mandalas online! Happy mandala making.


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

Mandala Monday – The Secret To Drawing A Mandala (Fancy Doodling) by Em Carey

Em Carey show us how she creates mandalas with doodling or Zentangle in today tutorial. Here is what she says about this video:

“Here are some of my tips and tricks for drawing Mandala’s/doodling. I also show you a time-lapse of one of my drawings so you can get an idea of how it was done. Hope this helps you guys 🙂
I want to see your pictures! Tag me in your drawings and show me your stuff. HAPPY DOODLING!”

“You can see more of my drawings here:”

This video is full of tips and “how tos” as well as a demonstration of her drawing. Enjoy!

The Secret To Drawing A Mandala (Fancy Doodling) by Em Carey

And to inspire you even more here is a fantastic video of Em Carey creating an amazing world map mandala drawing using her doodling techniques.


Here is what Em Carey posts about herself:

“My name is Em and I’m a travel/art/fitness/vegan blogger from down under. I have a massive love for life and try to soak up the most of each day. Follow me around on my adventures and see what kind of stuff I get up to! I also use social media to share my crazy health/near death experiences as well. Three years ago I was in a skydiving accident and became a paraplegic, since then I have learnt to walk again but of course I have lots to share about the whole experience. I hope through talking about my accident and injury I can help someone out there to not feel so alone with whatever it is they are going through. Youtube is a place where I can document my life and recovery and you’re all welcome to be a part of it :)”

drawing-a-mandala-by-em-careyTo see more of Em Carey’s work:

Instagram –
Facebook –
Tumblr –
Website –
Snapchat – em_careyy

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