Mandala Mondays – Mandala Coloring 1

Each week for the next 3 Mondays I am featuring a mandala coloring tip from Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 2.0 along with a free mandala to color For a complete experience of mandala coloring see the product: Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 2.0

This week’s tip and mandala from Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 2.0

TIP 1) Take care of your body and your working space

As you probably know: when you color mandala coloring pages, you plug into the creative forces of the Universe. Being in this state of creative consciousness gives such a nice feeling, that you often forget you have a body at all!

Through your body with your hands coloring the mandalas, you manifest the creative energy. Taking care of your body means taking care of the channel through which the creative forces of the Universe flow.

Often I see people coloring mandala coloring pages and, at the same time, building up tension in their shoulders, their necks, their backs, by sitting in a bad position. I invite you to really take care of your body; it is one of the greatest gifts of the Universe. And this gift, our body, includes our very important spine.

You are as young as the condition of your spine. So when you color mandala coloring pages, always remember to sit as straight as possible. In this way, you assist your nervous system for an optimal creative flow through your spine, brains, arms, hands, and pencils! Your back & neck will be very grateful to you!

But don’t force yourself! Surrender to the creative flow. And when you notice that you are sitting in a so-called unhealthy position, gently correct yourself. Or stand up, shake your body, shoulders, arms and then continue your mandala coloring experience.

Here is this week’s mandala to color:

Coloring Mandala 1 by Steven Vrancken

To download a large image for coloring right-click on the image above and select “Save Target As…” or “Save File As…” or “Save this Link as..” (depending on what browser you use). Mac users with a 1 button mouse can control/click rather than right-click.

Enjoy and come back next week for a new tip and mandala to color!

For more information about coloring mandalas see Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 2.0 of which I am an affiliate.


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