Personal Mandalas

What is a Personal Mandala?
Mandalas have become a specialty at Artwork by Atmara (formerly known as New World Creations) and while they are all lovely, vibrantly alive and powerful in their transmission,  you want more. You want to surround yourself with the specific energies that support you in creating the most expansive experience of life you can have. Now you can have a mandala created specifically for you to help do exactly that. Read more…


Atmara’s art is divided into three categories: Mandalas, Abstracts and Fractals, and Figurative Art. Her early work was primarily figurative and included subjects such as angels, goddesses, nature, dolphins and visionary landscapes. Gradually her work became more abstract and she added fractals and mandalas to her portfolio. Now mandalas, and especially personal mandalas, fill the bulk of her repertoire. See more at: MandalasAbstracts and Fractals, and Figurative Art


Prints, stretched canvas prints, cards and other gifts made from Atmara’s art can be found on her store at Zazzle. So pleased with the quality of work and great customer service she has received at Zazzle, there is nowhere else she would go to have prints and gifts made for her own use. They have a 30 day, no questions asked, return policy and have great discounts and specials almost daily. If you are thinking of having your own photos or art printed or made into gifts she highly recommends you have them done at Zazzle.