Mandala Monday – Printable Mandala & Abstract Colouring Pages from The Open Mind

The Open Mind has “22 Printable Mandala & Abstract Colouring Pages For Meditation & Stress Relief.” They can be found at:

Here are some suggestions that they have about coloring: “Coloring allows to unlock your creative potential. Perhaps more important, it helps relieve tension and anxiety. It unlocks memories of childhood and simpler times. As psychologist Antoni Martínez explains: “I recommend it as a relaxation technique. We can use it to enter a more creative, freer state. I recommend it in a quiet environment, even with chill music. Let the color and the lines flow.””

Here are a few examples”

The Open Mind 1 The Open Mind 2 The Open Mind 3 The Open Mind 4

To download full size images go to:

Happy coloring!


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!