Mandala Monday – Mandala Stones: How to Paint Mandalas on Stones

If Facebook and Pinterest are any indication, painted stones are extremely popular, particularly mandala stones. I took a look at YouTube to see if there were any tutorials on how to paint mandalas on stones and rocks. Here is what I found. Enjoy!


Simple Mandala Stone by Zendoodle Art


Stop motion mandala stone painting by Elspeth McLean:




I Sassi dell’Adriatico / Mandala drawing on stone by SehnazBac:



I look forward to your thoughts and comments!


  1. I want to give this a try with the only well working body part I have (right hand)! I have ALS and can’t do photography anymore. All the river rock I can find seems more rough than yours. Is there a place I could purchase a few or you may have a better idea. Thank you.

  2. I am wondering what type of pen/brush was used?

    • Is there a special brush I need?

      • I don’t know since all my work is digital, but I’m sure you can contact the women who made these Youtube videos and ask.



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