TED Talk Thursday – Michael Pawlyn – Using nature’s genius in architecture

According to TED.com : “How can architects build a new world of sustainable beauty? By learning from nature. Michael Pawlyn describes three habits of nature that could transform architecture and society: radical resource efficiency, closed loops, and drawing energy from the sun.”

“Michael Pawlyn established the architecture firm Exploration in 2007 to focus on environmentally sustainable projects that take their inspiration from nature.”

“Prior to setting up the company, Pawlyn worked with the firm Grimshaw for ten years and was central to the team that radically re-invented horticultural architecture for the Eden Project. He was responsible for leading the design of the Warm Temperate and Humid Tropics Biomes and the subsequent phases that included proposals for a third Biome for plants from dry tropical regions. In 1999 he was one of five winners in A Car-free London, an ideas competition for strategic solutions to the capital’s future transport needs and new possibilities for urban spaces. In September 2003 he joined an intensive course in nature-inspired design at Schumacher College, run by Amory Lovins and Janine Benyus. He has lectured widely on the subject of sustainable design in the UK and abroad.”

Enjoy this thought provoking talk.

Michael Pawlyn – Using nature’s genius in architecture

For those of you not familiar with TED Talks here is a brief summery from www.ted.com: “TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences — the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford UK each summer — TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and Open TV Project, the inspiring TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize”


Mandala Monday – Leaf Mandala Doodle Drawing by BeCre8ive2

Leaf Mandala Doodle Drawing by BeCre8ive2 is the tutorial for today. Here is what she says about the video:

“This is a leaf mandala drawing created on a piece of painted paper with black oil based sharpie paint pen, a white gel pen and acrylic paint. The painted paper was made by watering down some acrylic paint to create a wash and applying it to a regular piece of white printer paper.”

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Leaf Mandala Doodle Drawing by BeCre8ive2


BeCre8ive2 leaf mandala To learn more about BeCre8ive2 see:

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Mandala Monday – Acrylic Abstract Doodle and Dot Painting Tutorial by StudioSilverCreek

Acrylic Painting Abstract Doodle and Dot Painting Tutorial by StudioSilverCreek is today’s offering. She takes us step by step through the process, which is very like zentangle drawing, and ends up with a beautiful mandala painting.

Here is what she say’s about the video:

“This is an abstract Doodle and Dot Painting. This painting was so RELAXING to create! It’s like meditation painting.It was painted on a piece of 9″ x 12″ watercolour paper. It can also be painted on a canvas or any other suitable painting surface. I used acrylic paints to create this doodle. A supply list can be found below.”

Canvas or other suitable surface
Brilliant Blue acrylic paint
Light Olive Green acrylic paint
Turquoise Green acrylic paint
Prussian Blue acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
Filbert paintbrush
Script liner paintbrush
White chalk pencil
Oil-based paint pen
Golden Retarder(extends drying time of paints)


Acrylic Painting Abstract Doodle and Dot Painting Tutorial


studiosilvercreek dot painting

To see more of StudioSilverCreek’s work go to:

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