Mandala Monday – Stenciled Canvas Mandala Wall Art by Hometalk

Stenciled Canvas Mandala Wall Art by Hometalk is the tutorial for today. This tutorial is full of tips, “do’s and don’ts” and step by step instructions for the creation of this stenciled canvas mandala. Here is what Hometalk has to say about this video:

“We hope you’ll enjoy this Hometalk video about stenciled canvas wall art! This is just one among the many wonderful DIY projects we have in our Home Décor DIY wall art section on our website, which you can check out here:  Everyone loves a well-put together piece of wall décor, and we at Hometalk are no exception. Let Michelle from Cutting Edge Stencils show you some great techniques for painting canvases, and putting cool patterns or designs on them with stencils, so you have some breathtaking wall art for your living room or bedroom! Make your paintings as big or small as you want; make just one, or achieve the really awesome effect that Michelle does by splitting a single design across four different canvases and hanging them all up together! The possibilities are endless!”

Stenciled Canvas Wall Art Mandala by Hometalk

Mandala Monday – Mixed Media Mandala Drawing by BeCre8ive2

Mixed Media Mandala Drawing by BeCre8ive2 is the tutorial I’m sharing today. You may remember that we have presented other tutorials of her’s: Glittery Rainbow Mandala Drawing with Glitter Gel Pens,  Leaf Mandala Doodle Drawing by BeCre8ive2  and Half Mandala Drawing Doodle and Dot Art by BeCre8ive2. You may want to check them out if you enjoy this video.

Here is what she has to say about this step by step tutorial: “Mixed media mandala drawing on painted paper. I drew this doodle with paint pens. Gem stickers were added for sparkling 3-D effect.”


Gold oil-based paint pen
Black oil-based paint pens
White Gel pen
Gem Stickers
Black craft paint
White craft paint
Filbert paint brush
Painted paper (regular white paper that has been stained with watered down acrylic paint and then dried completely.)
Stylus (dotting tool)


Mixed Media Mandala Drawing by BeCre8ive2



BeCre8ive2 Mixed Media Mandala To learn more about BeCre8ive2 see:



I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

Mandala Monday – How to Paint Dot Mandalas #30 – The Mermaid by Kristin Uhrig

The tutorial for today is How to Paint Dot Mandalas #30 – The Mermaid by Kristin Uhrig. We have already seen several of her videos in previous weeks, How to paint rock mandalas #4- Christmas design by Kristin Uhrig and How to paint rock mandalas #5- Rainbows by Kristin Uhrig which you might enjoy as well. I would also recommend her tutorial on tips and tools, How to Paint Dot Mandalas – Tools and Tips by Kristin Uhrig.

This is what Kristin has to say about this tutorial: “This tutorial will show you how to combine a dot mandala background on a canvas with a paper decoupage mermaid and crystals to create a shimmering piece of ready-to-hang art. Join me on my Facebook page for more tips and encouragement!”

How to Paint Dot Mandalas #30 – The Mermaid by Kristin Uhrig

Tools used:
Piitsburgh 28 piece transfer punch set
Essence manicure stylus dotting tool
Generals Charcoal white pencil ruler
9×12 stretched canvas
Mod Podge Glossy
Mod Podge Sparkle
Genuine Swarovski flat back crystals
GS hypo cement

Martha Stewart Indigo, Surf, Greek Tile, Pacific Iris, Mother of Pearl, Splash Pearl,
Jet Stream Pearl Americana Calypso Blue, Ocean Blue, Dioxazine Purple
CraftSmart Tide Pool
DecoArt Ice Blue Metalic, Purple Pearl
FolkArt Colorshift Purple Flash
Golden Fluid Titanium White

Kristin Uhrig the Mermaid

 I have been on a journey to learn a new painting technique to relieve the stress brought on through a medical crisis with my husband’s cancer. . A camping trip resulted in a fine collection of smooth flat, round stones. They were the inspiration for learning to create dot mandala designs on rocks, and then late on canvas panels. I began making tutorials to share this adventure with others, so they could learn from my mistakes as well as my successes. My hopes that others will be encouraged to try something new, and creat beautiful lasting pieces of art that will bring them joy.


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!