Mandala Monday – 5 More Links to Creating Your Own Mandalas

One of my most popular posts is Mandala Monday – 10 Links to Creating Your Own Mandalas, so I decided to do some digging and find you more online resources for creating mandalas.


Enjoy Creating Your Own Mandalas!


5 more links to creating your own mandalas 1 Kristen Hedges

  1. How To Draw Mandalas (and why you want to) – Step by step instructions and a video for those who think they can’t draw (and those who know they can) by
  2. How to draw Mandalas – Tutorial by Tigers-stock – Step by Step instructions on how to draw a mandala and a number of examples of possible ways to color it as well. (click on the image at this link and it will enlarge into a full page for viewing)
  3. How & Why To Draw Mandalas – Lovely tutorial about drawing mandalas and being fully present in the moment by Kristen Hedges.
  4. A little mandala tutorial to play with over the weekend – Sweet blog post on how simple and beautiful making a mandala can be by Rainy.
  5. Mehndi Inspired Mandala Tutorial – Step by step instructions on drawing a mandala and a variety of examples of mandalas drawn using the methods in this tutorial.

5 more links to creating your own mandalas 2 Maria Mercedes


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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