Selling Art Online-Website Building Course for Artists

Today I’m going to introduce you to a website building course designed specifically for artists by Cory Huff ( and Matt Mansfield, Selling Artwork Online. Corry specializes in helping other artists sell their work online, so knows intimately the problems artists face. He and Matt have created a six part course that takes you from setting up a simple WordPress site through setting up an e-commerce system to sell your art.

The course includes 28 step by step videos that aim to answer all your questions in the process of getting your site going. They include:

1. Start here:

  • The-Dashboard
  • Left-Column-Overview

2. Designing your site:

  • Working-With-Themes
  • Working-With-Widgets
  • Custom-Menus
  • Custom-Theme-Options-and-Editor
  • Settings

3. Adding content to your site:

  • Creating-and-Managing-Posts-Overview
  • Creating-and-Managing-Posts-New-Post
  • Creating-and-Managing-Posts-Advanced
  • Categories-and-Tags
  • Working-With-Media
  • Working-With-Links
  • Working-With-Pages
  • Comments

4. Adding more functionality and features

  • Users-and-Tools
  • Plugins
  • Updates

5. Setting up and image gallery

  • NexGen-Gallery-Overview-and-Image-Upload
  • NexGen-Gallery-Galleries-and-Albums
  • NexGen-Gallery-Tags-and-Options
  • NexGen-Gallery-Posts-and-Widgets

6. Selling Art from Your site:

  • WP-e-Commerce-Plugin-Activation-and-Overview
  • WP-e-Commerce-Plugin-Categories-and-Variations
  • WP-e-Commerce-Plugin-Products
  • WP-e-Commerce-Plugin-Widgets
  • WP-e-Commerce-Plugin-Settings
  • WP-e-Commerce-Plugin-Marketing-and-Upgrades
  • WP-e-Commerce-Plugin-Variations-Fix

And if that isn’t enough everyone who purchases the course gets six months free at The Abundant Artist Community, an online members-only forum for artists who are serious about growing their business. If you need hosting you’ll get six months of hosting for free as well. And all for the price of $150. AND…

The Guarantee: If you can’t figure out how to build a website using these video tutorials in the first 90 days, or if you’re unhappy with the course and the community for any reason, they will refund your money – no questions asked.

Here’s a quick look at the tutorials:

I think this is a very comprehensive program at a great price. And there is a money back guarantee! If you are an artist ready to create or recreate your website click here or the banner below for more information and purchasing options.

Selling Artwork Online - A Complete Guide to Building Your Artist Website


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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