Reconnective Healing – Beyond Energy Healing by Jessica April

Most folks acknowledge our world is changing. The changes are not solely in the economy and therefore the financial systems, but also in each facet of our life and therefore the way we tend to expertise life. Most significantly, what is also changing is our awareness and conscious perspective of life and living. In different words, many folks are turning “spiritual” and changing into additional spiritually aware. Such changes paved the manner for the new healing, The Reconnective Healing(R).

The Reconnective Healing(R) may be a non-touch, vibrational healing. It accesses frequencies that are on this planet for the primary time. Its history goes back to 1993. Dr. Eric Pearl, a successful chiropractor in Los Angeles encountered many miraculous healing reported by his patients. The healing is followed by bizarre expertise these patients had while in the would-be usual chiropractic appointment. While on the table, they saw angels, and/or felt presence of alternative beings/individuals besides Dr. Pearl himself, when in fact, Dr. Pearl was the sole alternative person present in the room.

Since then, Dr. Pearl had taken on the mission of spreading the Reconnective Healing and also the Reconnection that were introduced by the Supply to the remainder of the world. He had presented within the UN and varied seminars worldwide. These frequencies are recognized by many scientists and researchers to be not the usual “energy”. In face, these are a full, complete spectrum of frequencies from the quantum field. More, the Reconnective Healing community have learned that at creation, all humans were directly connected to the Source, the Universe, Gaia, the Cosmos, through the Cosmic Internet per some Native Yank legends or the Cosmic Grid otherwise known. Over time in human history, such connection was lost, hence the looks of diseases – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Along with the Reconnection work, it not solely re-connects DNA strands, but also re-connects us back to the axiatonal lines of the Universe, the Cosmic Grid. Healing on all levels therefore is the results of such re-connection.

The examples here are only a partial list of the healing reported worldwide. These examples illustrate the wide range of healing, from emotional to physical. The healing embrace fibromyalgia, cancer, back pains, gastrointestinal conditions, asthma, allergies, kidney failure, depression, and traumas from accidents or life situations.

The Reconnective Healing brings about distinctive and special healing experience. Not only have folks experienced physical healing, but additionally have they experienced the deeper level of sustained sense of well-being, peace.

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