Reconnective Healing – People Are Reporting Miracle Healings, But What is it Exactly and is it Real? By Cynthia Miles

Today you’ll be introduced to a way to heal that is just now starting to become known — Reconnective Healing. My guess is, you may not have heard about it. And even if you have, you may not know why it’s special. However this is something important. So read on and I’ll fill you in on what it is, who discovered it, and what’s so extraordinary about it.

You may have heard about “energy healing.” Reconnective Healing is similar in that it is something that is not delivered through physical means like drugs or “hands on” therapies like massage. However a big difference is scientists are able to measure the frequencies involved with Reconnective Healing Sessions, and have found that they have never been seen before on earth. The scientists are postulating that these new frequencies, which they are able to measure for the first time, are only available now because of recent shifts in the earth’s magnetic grids. This is a historical event.

How did it start? Well, there was this chiropractor out in Los Angeles, California who had a very successful practice for about 12 years. One day his patients started telling him that they could feel his hands on their body. But this was while he was not touching them. About the same time, Dr. Eric Pearl (that’s the doctor’s name) was getting blisters on his palms while he worked. One time his palms even bleed. Not too long after this started, he started asking for help from all sorts of experts trying to find out what was going on and why people were mysteriously receiving miracle healings after leaving his chiropractic office.

Here’s what the Scientists found. The scientific research found that Reconnective Healing causes a MEASURABLE effect on DNA. And not just plant and animal DNA — but also HUMAN DNA. Further the scientists were able to measure this phenomenon over and over again, not just once. They were also able to see that with this specific type of healing, the body goes into a state of super coherence, which science has never seen before. Findings were so impressive that scientists are rewriting the laws of physics and mathematics because of it. It has received so much respected attention that even the UNITED NATIONS has taken notice.

It is interesting to note that reports from all over the world have come in from people seeing angels and other dimensional beings after or during a Reconnective Healing session. Sometimes these “beings” were experienced as physical appearances just like a person materializing. At other times, many people reported smelling the fragrance that an already deceased loved one used to wear or a sensation of that person touching them. And yet others reported hearing messages spoken to them, though no one else was there. My friend, for example, “saw” parrots flying around the room.

Let’s discuss the risks involved. No matter what we do in life there always seems like there’s a downside or at least a potential risk. Taking certain prescriptions, for example, may not mix well with other healing treatments. With Reconnective Healing however, you don’t have to worry about all that and you can rest assured it is safe. Your Practitioner does not direct what happens with the energies, there is nothing that you take and what you DO receive is coming to you from God. Some people like to call this Universal Divine or Infinite Intelligence.

If you’re curious as to how to choose the right R.H. Practitioner, the answer is very simple. If the R.H. Practitioner you go to was personally trained by either Dr. Eric Pearl or The Reconnection Staff, then they will legitimately be able to do the healing session, as well as even Dr. Eric Pearl could. The scientific research clearly proved this. However, if that R.H. Practitioner tries to add in any other healing type of modality, just know that your results will not be very good. This was also scientifically tested and proven in that the efficacy goes WAY down when the Practitioner tried to add in another modality. So make sure whoever you go to STRICTLY DOES ONLY Reconnective Healing.

On occasion you may come across someone posing as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, when in fact they are not. However, this is not something that will fool you, because you can easily go to the official site for The Reconnection, to validate any R.H. Practitioner’s credentials.

Reconnective Healing IS new. It’s different. And it’s VERY real. I hope you gleaned a lot from this article about what it is, who discovered it and some of the many aspects that make it special. And don’t forget, respected scientists and even the United Nations have taken notice of it.

SPECIAL INTERVIEW: R.H. Practitioner Cynthia Miles was personally trained by Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection Staff. On her site you can watch videos, listen to interviews where Dr. Eric Pearl discusses the Science of Reconnective Healing and read her personal story where she recounts about her hands glowing in the dark following her training. Visit => Reconnective Healing Science

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