Since tomorrow is the day so long awaited by many, marked by the end of the Mayan calendar, and hoped by many to be the transition to a world of awakened humans, knowing themselves as one with all things, I want to share with you the email sent out by For me it expresses the hope and vision I have held for this world since the late eighties.

Greetings Tribe of Light

 I write this message to you just a few hours before myself and my family board the plane to head on our Journey to Palenque Mexico to celebrate the Dec 21, 2012 Alignment and Spiritual Graduation. We are in deep gratitude to our 13 Moon Community and it is a blessing beyond words to literally be flying on the wings of love and support as it was donations from our Natural Time Family that made this essential pilgrimage possible for us…

 We trust that each one of you will be exactly in the right place at the right time for your highest attunement to this upcoming Galactic Planetary Holy-day. We will be beaming from the Temples and we will be communing with all your light and prayers and heart’s celebrations! Indeed, this is a moment of Great Victory for us each to Receive and Emanate on this Precious Planet Earth. While it is surreal for me to be so close to this doorway of Shifting World Ages, having focused on this prophetic date for 18 years, it is also very REAL. I can feel this Shifting of Cycles happening internally and all around me, as I am sure you can as well. The shadows are coming up and being revealed for their transformation and integration into wholeness, and MUCH is being shed, that our True Nature can Dawn inside our own hearts and assist in the illumination of our human culture and our existence as sentient creatures within this Universe.

 As I have said many times over, and will say again, it is not about putting all our stock in this one day to instantly redeem and heal all that is out of balance in our personal and planetary world. However, let us know that our focus on this date for what it truly is – an opportunity for the most positive global focus of our human consciousness on our sacred interconnectedness with all of life – shall have exponential untold effects spiritually and physically that will generate immense positive, ongoing unfolding change that we will be aware of for years and years to come…

 I believe the purest and simplest way to conceive of Dec 21, 2012 is as a ANCIENT PROPHETIC THRESHOLD. It is a doorway, an entrance we shall be crossing through and beyond TOGETHER with the One Family of Life. I believe that our conscious of experience of the UNITY OF ALL EXISTENCE shall be permanently amplified and enlivened as a direct experience within our hearts, as of this Crossing. I believe that those of us who have been spiritually preparing for this Crossing will likely have the most tangible experience of the power of this Solstice, as we have already been entraining and attuning to it as the Beacon that it is. I also believe, as we all intimately inter-connected, and sharing this Dream on Earth together, creatively collaborating, that those who have not been aware of the spiritual opportunity of this date and have not been consciously welcoming the transformative energies will, over time, gradually receive the effects and the energies of this positive Crossing, and the illumination will be psychically contagious!

 It is all about the JOURNEY. There is NO Destination. Life is endless. Death is a New Beginning. There is no end to consciousness. Therefore this Death of the World Age that has been governed by Patriarchal forces and dominated by ignorance and forgetting our interconnectedness shall give way to a New Birth of a New Remembrance and New Illumination of the possibilities our navigating our human culture to fulfill a deeper level of our divine potential. A NEW DIMENSION IS OPENING UP TO US ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS THRESHOLD. It is our Journey to Walk. Those of us who walk through it consciously shall help those who are still unconscious of this process. The essential thing is to realize we are all EQUAL in this life, regardless of our station, therefore we all have equal capacity and responsibility of affecting our Shared Reality….

 I leave you with my final (brief) Solstice newsletter -outlining the energies of the day, and offering a Prayer from My Heart:

Here is a video from the YouTube Channel, choicepointmovie2012 A Message of Hope, that further explains this time and what it means to our lives.


And for those of you who find this all too far out, this beautiful video is for you!


May we all choose love, express kindness, and open our hearts to each other.

May all being be blessed to know itself as One. 

In Lak’ech (I Am Another Yourself!),




I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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