Mandala Monday – Free Mandalas to Color by WelshPixie

Today I’ve got more mandalas to color, this time made by WelshPixie who posts on Here is what she says about her mandalas:

“For the mandalas, I draw patterns and scan them onto the computer. I use Photoshop to flip and copy them into a full circle, so that the patterns repeat almost perfectly.

For the doodles, I draw straight onto paper with black ink pens, and let the imagination flow. I don’t start with any pre-conceived ideas, I just draw a central shape and then build up shapes and patterns around it. I use a thicker 0.5mm pen for the main shapes, and then fill in detail with a finer 0.3mm nib. The doodling itself is just as relaxing as the coloring-in afterwards!

I provide the full-size files for free download, all at 600DPI and high resolution for high printing quality so that anyone can download, print and color my art for free, and hopefully find it as relaxing as I do.”

Here are three examples of her work:

BoredPanda WelshPixie 1 BoredPanda WelshPixie 2 BoredPanda WelshPixie 3

You can find large images high resolution copies of these and other mandalas, ready to print and color at:



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Mandala Monday – How To Make Mandala Sand Art by Sandtastik Products

How to make sand mandala art by Sandtastik Products is the focus of today’s video mandala lesson. (Please note that this video was made to promote Sandtastik Products. I am not affiliated with this company in any way, but thought many of you would be interested in the techniques they present here. Where you purchase your supplies is, of course, your own choice).

Here is what Sandtastik Products says about this video: “Tibetan sand mandalas are beautiful ritualistic works of art designed to symbolize the ephemerality of life and the world. Sandtastik’s colorful Classic Sand Sample Pack is perfect for creating sand mandalas! In Tibetan culture the mandalas are temporary and ceremoniously dismantled with the wind. Our Tibetan inspired version of the sand mandala is glued to a canvas so you can enjoy it in your home for years to come!”


How To Make Mandala Sand Art by Sandtastik Products

Mandala Sand Art


If you wish to know more about this company and their products go to



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Mandala Monday – Drawing a Mandala with Barb Owen

Barb Owen of shows us in this video how to draw a mandala using simple household items like plates, bowls, and cups. If you prefer to use a compass, she has a blog post that explains how to do that as well at: How To: Draw a Mandala With a Compass.

 Drawing a Mandala With Bowls Plates Cups by Barb Owen

You can find more about Barb Owen at:




Ustream Every Friday at 2pm Eastern:

Home Page;



Barb Owen







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