Mandala Monday – Deva Premal & Miten: The Gayatri Mantra Made Visible

Last Thursday’s TED Talk introduced the concept of cymatics (TED Talk Thursday – Evan Grant: Making sound visible through cymatics). Today I’ve picked out an example of a ancient chant being sung by Deva Premal which has been captured by the science of cymatics. I’m always so intrigued to see sound creating mandalas.


According to Deva Premal’s Youtube Channel: From the album The Essence by Deva Premal, details here: The Gayatri Mantra is said to be the oldest and most powerful of mantras, purifying the person chanting it as well as the listener. Now the science of Cymatics reveals the beautiful, transformational patterns that these ancient sounds create when passed through water. As cymatologist Evan Grant notes, “Sound does have form and we have seen that it can affect matter and cause form within matter.”


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!