Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot – Guest Post by Janice Masters

I’ve always loved that phrase from the phenomenally talented singer/songwriter, Sting. I ongoingly experience the value in heeding that advice in my own personal life and my business. My clients experience huge leaps in their Awakening and success when they listen and heed it as well.

So, I think it bears a close look.

I recently coached a client who was struggling with resentment, envy and anger about the success of a former friend and colleague. She had inklings of more positive feelings about all this, but her ego was strongly defended against allowing those positive feelings to flow and to become more conscious. However….she decided to let her Soul be her pilot and she trusted its navigation toward Love. What unfolded was simply beautiful and what she called ‘a small miracle’.

After taking the charge off of her anger, resentment, envy by giving strong, clear voice to them with no resistance (after all, this stuff is ‘only human’) she was able to hear the whispers of her Soul leading her out of darkness and suffering. What she heard that brought her to tears is that she truly loves this person, knows she is a Soul Friend, knows that they are following a Soul Plan of their own making, acknowledges her gifts, and deeply honors her well-deserved success. All of this instantly dissolved the defenses around her heart.

This awareness released her from the prison of her negative, self-justified thoughts and conclusions, and elevated her to the level of her true evolved consciousness—which is remarkably high. Her tears and compassion ‘surprised’ her and dissolved whatever was left of the lower egoic thinking and feeling. She felt cleansed, cleared and softened into her open-hearted vulnerability and ability to love without reservation or condition.

Letting her Soul be her pilot got her to her next destination of Awakened consciousness and Love. Being willing to let go of the controls and be led was all the surrender it required for her to be healed of this residue of ego-driven judgment, justification and competition. She called the transformation that she experienced in less than thirty minutes “a small miracle”. Indeed it was.

In my own life, inviting my Soul to be my pilot brings me to decisions and actions that my ego sometimes bristles at as being too “lenient, wishy-washy, compliant”. But let me tell you, after decades of letting ego make these decisions for me, it is such a blessed relief to allow my Heart and Soul lead the way now. I KNOW when I am Soul-driven vs Ego-driven and I LOVE the path of my Soul and the organically RIGHT feeling of it.

There are other times of course when I have no resistance at all to the whispers of my Soul pilot and recognize the congruence of the message. Recently, I shifted my work to deeper and deeper levels that utilize my gifts more magnificently and powerfully at the prompting of my Soul pilot and absolutely knew the organic truth of that choice.

There is so much resonance for me when I follow the navigational directions of my Soul. I recognize the suffering I incur when I follow ego, and find my way Home to my Soul very quickly these days.

The work of Awakening pays off enormously in relief, feeling good, feeling like myself, and spreading Love around more freely. And in our human form the truth is that we are always in the process of getting ready to listen to our Soul. Whatever wants to be healed and cleared next is what will appear to be ‘in your way’ on your path of Awakening. So hold the intention, shine the light, be ready to receive, and then get out of the way and allow your Soul to tell you your next move!

Wishing you a JOYful journey!

Janice Masters, M.Ed.
The Everyday Joy Coach
“Everyday Joy ~ The Path to Freedom & Possibility from The Heart”

Channeled Messages, Spiritual Guidance, Intuitive-Quantum Healing, Matrix Re-Inprinting, Evolving Soul Path Coaching for Life & Conscious Business


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