Mandala Monday – How to Make a Mandala in Nature with Natural Materials by mandalanomadess

Making a Mandala in Nature is the topic of today’s video. Many of us have seen pictures on Facebook or other online sources of beautiful mandalas made out of natural materials in nature settings. Today, with this short, but thorough video mandalanomadess shows us step by step how to create these mandalas. Here is what mandalanomadess says about the video:

“Learn how to make a nature mandala with this 5 step process. Get inspired, get outside and get creative making your own mandalas out of natural materials. Requirements needed: a love for nature, a resourceful mindset, creative spontaneity and a desire to let go into the present moment with the flexibility to endure many hours of squatting and kneeling over the earth.”


How to Make a Mandala in Nature with Natural Materials

mandala in nature by mandalanomadness

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