Mandala Monday – The Mandala Cure: End Anxiety Today

The Mandala Cure: End Anxiety Today


Michelle Normand

Whether you know it or not you are probably quite familiar with mandalas. If you have gazed upon a magnificent rose window adorning a local cathedral or spent time enjoying a fragrant spring daisy, then you have already been touched by the beauty of a mandala.

Sanskrit for sacred circle, mandalas are an ancient art form dating back to Tibet over 2,500 years ago. The Tibetan Monks saw the mandala as more than a circle divided into an ornate design, they saw it as a representation of the Universe; a blend of different symbols and colors coming together, bonded by its center, to form in harmony.

Look at the Christian\’s usage of the labyrinth or marvel at the mandala healing ceremony performed by American Indians and you will find that the sacred circle has transcended its ancient roots. Many present-day religions and civilizations have come to view the mandala, with its gentle symmetry, as a symbol of the balance in nature, the unity within the world, and the harmony we all seek within our lives. Even the world renowned psychologist and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung was struck by the healing abilities of the mandala. Jung went on to write many papers about the subject and regularly used mandalas as a healing tool with his patients. Now this same restorative power is in your hands.

Coloring or creating mandalas is a simple process. Basically a form of active meditation, you suspend your inner dialogue while you draw images on a page or color a pre-made design. As with any form of active meditation you will be able to achieve the same calm, peaceful effects of traditional meditation without the difficulties of sitting still for hours at a time or trying to empty your racing mind. By meditating on a mandala, specifically the center of the design, a person can easily be drawn into the circle to find their focus, and most importantly keep that focus. Great for beginners or anyone short on time, mandala coloring books are a great way to introduce yourself to this healing process.

Coloring mandalas is a peaceful pastime used by a variety of peoples and institutions to heal the mind and the body. Today you will find mandala coloring and creation being used in nursing homes, elementary schools, cancer wards, and mental health facilities across the country. As someone who once struggled with both General Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder I know first hand the calming, meditative power of coloring a mandala. For free mandala downloads, go to my website at and enjoy the power and simplicity of a mandala.


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