Mandala Monday – How to make a Modular star (Mandala) of radiance – Decorative Origami tutorial

How to make a Modular star Mandala of radiance is the topic of today’s video. This video was created by Paper Folds – Origami & Crafts . Here is what Paper Folds has to say about this video:

“I heartily thank everyone who view my videos and a huge special thanks to those who have subscribed & frequently share encouraging comments & reviews. ”

“Intro: I am passionate about Paper arts since my childhood, especially Origami . I live in India, Karnataka, Bengaluru. By Profession I am into IT education & as a passionate hobby I do Origami & Crafts tutorial.”

“I have uploaded over 400 plus video tutorials on various designs & models. Categories include Traditional , Boxes, Vases, Flying Planes, Hearts, Boats, Animals, Birds, Flowers, Halloween, Holidays & Festivals, Modular, Geometrical shapes, Furniture, Stars, Costumes, Fashion, Weapons, Utilities & many more models. Models range from easy, intermediate to advanced folding models.”

“I started my channel in Feb 2015 and I am really overwhelmed by the response.”

“Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and Recreate.”

“Happy Folding! Happiness, Peace & Love to everyone”

How to make a Modular star (Mandala) of radiance – Decorative Origami tutorial


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