Mandala Monday – Interpreting Mandalas Within Astrology – Guest Post by Marissa Moonwhisper

Author: Marissa Moonwhisper

“Mandala” is a Sanskrit term meaning “sacred circle.” The balance, harmony and cohesion of a circular symbol is consistent with many forms of Eastern beliefs about universal energy (Chi) or the dynamic flow of Yin and Yang in holding opposite forces together for a complete whole. In many Tibetan monasteries, sand mandalas are used to prepare a space for sacred rituals as a form of centering and focus.

Modern Art Therapy uses mandala drawing as a means of helping a person more deeply understand the emotions, thoughts and sensations of their life or particularly challenging experiences in the past or present. It is within this healing and understanding function of raising self-awareness that mandala astrology is a developing art.

Reading Mandalas As Life Cycle Awareness

The circular form of a mandala represents the cycles or seasons of a person’s life, from birth through youth, maturity and onto death. They are representative, and can show the “life cycle” of a certain relationship, career or experience, indicating time for a change. When facing the upright drawing, the cycle begins at the bottom, just to the left of lowest point of the circle, and continues clockwise around the cycle.

The other major division of the mandala comes from separating the top half of the circle and the bottom half of the circle. As another level of reading, looking at the elements in the upper half bring understanding about external traits, feelings and thoughts. Meanwhile, the lower half describes the usually unexpressed, inner feelings and thoughts a person is experiencing.

Components of A Mandala

Interpreting a mandala that is spontaneously drawn by a person hoping to explore their inner world focuses on several key components, reflecting other aspects of astrological interpretation.

Color–the primary aspect of a mandala,is usually reflective of deep internal as well as external emotions. Individual colors as well as the overlapping use of colors can speak to a conflicted, unbalanced circumstance or a growing harmony among a person’s different aspects of life.

Numerology–though different in mandalas than in its own art, mandalas use the common universal interpretations of numbers (zero as wholeness, two as balance, etc.). By counting and assessing the numbers of a certain shape (loop, square) or the quantity of colors used in the drawing, a mandala reader can address the intensity or importance of each symbol.

Shapes or objects–identifying what feelings or thoughts a person associates with shapes that appear in the mandala in certain season, or if a certain figure has preeminent position in one area of the mandala, these offer insight into the value or challenge of that season.

Placement–with the life cycle positioning of a mandala, where each of the above elements fall within the circle help indicate their function in that period of a person’s life.

Mandala astrology is an art that needs more students to develop and cultivate its rich aspects for individual self-awareness and personal healing journeys. The few who already utilize mandalas have found a great comfort and harmony that can be achieved by drawing and interpreting the sacred circles.

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My Own Heart’s Desire – Guest Post by Harriette Knight

As we head into the Holiday Season and subsequently my birthday time since I was born on Christmas Eve, I have been taking some time to review where I’ve been, and where I am going.  It’s always been somewhat of a joke when I tell people that if someone told me at a young age that I would be a healer and psychic, radio show host and author, I would’ve laughed them out of the park.  Well, an author, maybe, but the rest of it? No way!

I was born an artist, and firmly believed I would live my adult life with a potter’s wheel in the backyard, and a long, gray braid down my back.  Now, my hair is cut short, certainly not gray (thanks to modern technology and hair color!), and quite honestly, the only time I used a potter’s wheel was in my 7th grade crafts class in the late 1960’s.  But the image prevailed, and I did grow up an artist. I have always lived my heart’s desire in that way. I have painted murals, clothing, written and illustrated children’s books, painted lampshades, designed logos, letterheads, and marketing campaigns.  In the early nineties, I opened a Mommy and Me art school.  Art has always been part of my life.

So, it is no great surprise that the Healing Arts have also been a huge chunk of my existence.

Ever since I can remember I had vivid past life memories.  Nightmares of Nazi Germany, emotional losses as a Native American woman, and leather bound journals during the Civil War.  I understood as a youngster that relatives and loved ones who had passed away were watching over me and could see my every move.  At age fourteen, I started to fix up my friends according to their astrological signs.  Years later, I taught myself to read charts.  So, why, do you ask, am I so surprised that my life’s heart desire turned out as it did?

I suppose it wasn’t until much later that I truly embraced living my own heart’s desire and not someone else’s.  As a chronic pleaser, I wanted to fulfill the fantasy of what my parents or (ex) husband wanted, but of course, I found that that wasn’t the best idea.  My life took many twists and turns to get me to this point, and with pride I can say, I am a master healer, psychic-medium, author of two books, CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life, and EASY ART FROM THE HEART, and host of Harriette Knight’s Psychic & Healing Hour on Blog Talk Radio. In addition to that,I currently have two online courses through Daily with a third on its way.

Chakra Power by Harriette Knight

I have to admit that art hasn’t taken too much of a back seat. I keep my hand in it by designing a line of healing jewelry called Charity Clarity Jewelry where each piece is infused with healing energy, and a portion of the proceeds is donated to charity.  It might not be a potter’s wheel, but it certainly is fulfilling.

Healing Jewelry

As we head into the holiday season and the beginning of a new year, take some time to reflect on the joys in your life. The things that might’ve taken a backseat beforehand can easily ride shotgun now.  It’s never too late to embrace your own heart’s desire, is it?  No matter what age you are.

Harriette Knight

Happy Holidays and many blessings, Harriette Knight

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