Mandala Mondays – Mandala Coloring 2

Each week for 3 Mondays I am featuring a mandala coloring tip from the Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 2.0 along with a free mandala to color.  This post is week 2 in the series. For a complete experience of mandala coloring see the product: Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 2.0

This week’s tip and mandala by Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 2.0:

TIP 2) Before starting your mandala coloring experience, make sure everything you need is at your fingers!

Nothing is more annoying than having a very wonderful mandala coloring experience, and then noticing you do not have your gum, pencil sharper, that special color marker you got as a present from a friend; you really don`t want this to happen to you! So make sure you have everything you need to have a focused, joyful and uninterrupted mandala coloring pages experience.

Feel free to get a glass of water, tea, a small snack, incense, flowers for decoration & some nice background music. The Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 2.0 comes with a  full 30 minute version of this music.

Here is this week’s mandala to color:

To download a large image for coloring right-click on the image above and select “Save Target As…” or “Save File As…” or “Save this Link as..” (depending on what browser you use). Mac users with a 1 button mouse can control/click rather than right-click.

Enjoy and come back next week for a new tip and mandala to color!

For more information about coloring mandalas see Mandala Coloring Meditation Kit 2.0 of which I am an affiliate.


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