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Mandala is a geometrical expression of the whole universe; a mystical protective signification mandala, manda; means what is contained defendant or held and La; menas that which contains defends or holds. It is a visual aid for concentration and introvative meditation leading to the attainment of insights and to activate of forces culminating in “siddhi” super naturals forces. The mandala represents place of purity, a magic sphere and bad energy cleansed of spiritual obstacles and impurities. The square of the sacred place proper is enclosed in multiple circles of flam, four thunderbolts, eight cemeteries and lotus. Buddhist monks, lamas, prepare the mandala. Meditation mandala brings us to the inmost core of our being to the truth, to come ourselves. It helps us explore in to ourselves and fine out our true nature, our mind become stable. It helps us to come close to ourselves and to know ourselves. It shows us the right way how to grow spiritually in to calm; serene human beings.

Meditation with Seven-chakra mandala brings inner peace relaxation in to our body and stable in mind. The seven

Charkas are the seven main energy of the body. They are centers for our consciousness; they are wheels for the train of life.

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Chakra No 1. – Muladhara (Root) Chakra; is related to the earth. It brings in to existence a new life in order to continue the process of evolution. Strong and healthy roots give support, steadiness and nourishment to the tree. They give the power to grow and to develop a beautiful crown as this it helps to human life; we are deeply rooted in the holy earth. It relieves from the insecurity, anger problem.

Chakra No 2. – Manipura (Navel chakra); is related to water. In this area metabolism and cleaning processes take place. It is the center of wheel power. It relives from the over indulging in food jealousy, desire to possess, bladder problems,

Chakra No. 3.- Swadhisthana( solar plexual) chakra; is related to fire the digestion process takes place here. It is the hub of divine or the spark of life, light and heat are given by fire, fire is the vital force the moving power, it brings holy hit sprit is in us, it gives warmth an light. it makes blanches from the Anger, fear, hate, bottle up our emotions giving in too much.

Chakra No.4. Anahata (Heart) chakra; is related to air. It is the prana (life energy0 area the respiratory organs are responsible for supplying blood with oxygen. Life is breath; we are not able to stop breathing. The character of air is to cool and to clear. A few deep breaths in fresh air purify the blood, clear the mind and open the heart. Both in balance is unison, is breath, which gives us ease, clearness and brightness., vital energy is flowing from our heart, soft and tender and power, our heart never goes empty, because it is nourished by the great spirit.. It opens our heart chakra and keep peace love and happiness, relives from the heart problem, repression of love emotional instability.

Chakra No. 5 Vishudha (Throat) Chakra; throat chakra is related to sky. In the sky there is ether. And ether is responsible for sound, for human beings the sky is like a roof; it gives us a feeling of security and protection. For spiritual being the sky gives us the feelings of infinity. It helps to know the truth, there is the light clear and bright, we get the true sight. , It relives from the communication problem, depression and problem with breath.

Chakra No.6. Ajna (mind chakra); is the center, the third eye, and the divine eye, with which I look behind the outer happenings. It is the center of the consciousness, the power of the senses; the mind always changes, it is never stable. It is between sprit and body. It helps to use our mind in intelligent way, without third eye we able to look in though ourselves, to make the connection between body and spirit and to make mind peaceful. It helps to keep intelligent, right thinking, headache problem and eye,

Chakra No.7-Sahasrara (Crown chakra); Crown is always connected with the whole universe; it is infinity. Light is the beginning of everything. Light is sprit. Light is infinite. Visualize the light outside and inside and something inside starts openings as if a bud were opening to become a flower, peaceful and calm with deep satisfaction and happiness. , It relives form the lack of inspiration, confusions depression; it brings a universal divine light in to our body and spread happiness.

Meditation with mandala: it brings us to the most core of our being to the truth our selves. It helps us to explore in to ourselves and find out our true natural our mind become stable, meditation with help us to come close to ourselves and to know our selves, the mandala shows us the right way how to grow spiritually in calm serene human beings, Mandala brings us peace, harmony and protection from bad energy, ying-yang (good luck. Chakra mandalas are related to open our charkas and keeps free from inner suffering and take in the right thinking Meditation: stay in meditation mudra, in front of the mandala look to center point of the mandala and close your eyes and say the mantra “Om Ah: hung” three times, this is the common universal mantra, concentrate in a breath for a few moments after a while, open your eyes, look at the middle of the mandala, again that you have chosen start with mandala that is attracts you the most. That is right choice for you for the time being it has most intense energy for you. If your mind is in trouble, start some physical exercise, then lay down, relax concentration on the breath, let thought come and go, let images come and go, and look to the mandala, be aware of what happens, which thought, which feelings comes, remember them, you can learn a lot yourself and new vistas will open for you. Om Ah Hung”

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