Mandala Monday – 10 Links to Creating Your Own Mandalas

Online Resources for Creating Mandalas

1.  Clare Goodwin’s Mandala Correspondence Course – Learn about mandalas at home, at your own pace.

2. Marc Bove – Download sample images from Marc’s cd of mandala coloring pages.

3. Hindi Yantras – Yantra construction explained in detail by Patrick George.

4. Mandala: The Art of Power..the Power of Art – Information about making your own mandalas by Ray Whiting.

5. Mandala Offering –  Detailed instruction on Tibetan sand mandala images from Osel Shen Phen Ling, Tibetan Buddhist Center.

6Mandala Symbolism – An explanation of the use of mandalas in a psychological setting by Michael Brown and directions for creating your own mandalas.

7. Tie-Dyeing Mandalas – Directions on how to tie-dye mandalas by Paula Burch.

8. Zodiac Arts – Color a mandala and submit to their website.

9. How to Draw a Mandala: 10 Steps – wikiHow – A brief guide to getting started creating mandalas.

10. How to Draw a Mandala – Step by step guide to drawing a mandala on

How to Draw a Mandala from



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