TED Talk Thursday – Rob Forbes – Ways of seeing

According to TED.com : “Rob Forbes, the founder of Design Within Reach, shows a gallery of snapshots that inform his way of seeing the world. Charming juxtapositions, found art, urban patterns — this slideshow will open your eyes to the world around you.”

“A decade ago, if you wanted to buy a piece of classic modern furniture for your house — say, a classic Eames chaise longue — you had basically two options: make friends with a commercial office designer who could order you a piece from the supplier, or wait until your neighborhood psychiatrist redecorated his office and put all the 1960s-vintage Eames chairs out on the curb. Rob Forbes, a potter with a background in retail, saw a market for clean, modern design made available to regular people, and turned this idea into the brilliant nationwide chain and catalog Design Within Reach.”

“Along with new and classic home goods, DWR became a platform for Forbes’ way of seeing. The early-2000-vintage DWR newsletters were packed with colorful images from Forbes’ travels and news about designers he loved. And this is not to forget each holiday’s annual champagne chair contest — in which DWR fans were challenged to create a miniature modern masterpiece from the foil, wire and cork of a bottle of bubbly.”

“In July 2007, Forbes left DWR to focus on a new project, PUBLIC, which designs and sells urban bikes.”

Rob Forbes – Ways of seeing

For those of you not familiar with TED Talks here is a brief summery from www.ted.com: “TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences — the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford UK each summer — TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and Open TV Project, the inspiring TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize”


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