Weight Loss through the Law of Attraction with Rebbie Straubing

My college friend, Rebbie Straubing, who I interviewed earlier this year in The Yoga of Alignment-An Interview with Rebbie Straubing, has created a unique weight loss system using the Law of Attraction. She is offering a Weight Loss Workshop starting 1/11/11. I’m always so impressed with the unique way Rebbie’s mind works, and I’m sure from the promotional materials that I have seen that this is an opportunity to really change deep unconscious patterns of eating, and lose weight without feeling you are on yet another diet. In fact, I was so impressed by what I saw, I asked her to set up an affiliate program so I could offer her workshop to you.

To quote her materials:

Here’s what you get:

The Weight Drop Workshop ebook containing all the visualization exercises (not available elsewhere.)
Recorded commentaries on each of 5 modules.
Live Q & A Telephone Workshops. (Get the recordings if you can’t attend.)
Hot Seat calls. (You can have a personal coaching session on the workshop material while the group listens in.)
Module 1: Getting in the Groove. This is where you get the foundation for working with the visualizations.
Module 2: The Knower. This is where you gain access to your inner guidance and begin shifting your appetite and hunger levels almost instantly.
Module 3: Metabolism. Use your mind to jump start your metabolism and decrease your appetite.  Here you learn to use your mind to act like diet pills without any of the side effects of the chemicals.
Module 4: Food, Eating & Satisfaction. Improve all other aspects of you life as you bring your eating into alignment.  In this session  your whole life gets more satisfying while at the same time, food becomes less important to you.
Module 5: Body Form. Use your mind to bring your thin self out from all that outer padding.  This is a lot of fun.
Materials are posted on Tuesdays. Login to the members area to access the visualizations.
Live calls on Fridays (Time to be announced.) If you cannot make the live calls, you can send in your questions and hear the answers on the recordings.

To learn more about this workshop please click here.

I hope you will find this helpful. I have been receiving Rebbie’s JHE sessions (you can learn about those in the older post, The Yoga of Alignment-An Interview with Rebbie Straubing) for some time and feel they are very helpful.

Again if you are interested in Rebbie’s Law of Attraction Weight Loss Program, click here,

Here’s to a thinner and healthier you!


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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