5 Things I’ve Discovered about Living the Heart’s Desire

5 Things I’ve discovered about Living the Heart’s Desire:

  1. There is truly only one Heart. We are all connected and sourced by the same divinity.
  2. Even though the mind is extremely useful and necessary to our existence, without being lead by the Heart, it can really cause havoc.
  3. Stopping, taking time to rest, being still (at lease internally), these things allow you to hear the Heart speaking.
  4. The Heart is trustworthy. Your mind may not understand why the Heart is calling you to whatever it is calling you to, but it is trustworthy.
  5. The Heart, Divinity, Love, these are not separate from who you are. They ARE who you are.

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  1. Hi Atmara
    Thank you for sharing about Heart. It’s a topic close to my heart (excuse the pun). To me, Heart is the irrepressible desire within us all to seek joy through love. All entities (living and non living) are infused with Heart. As a teacher, I believe that education of heart forms the basis of all education. Yeah I totally agree that “The Heart, Divinity, Love, these are not separate from who you are. They ARE who you are”. The Heart is the voice of the Divine.
    I love that phrase: “Heart has reasons that Reason does not know”. Only by knowing Heart can you know who the Divine is and indeed who I am. warm regards, Paul


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