Mandala Monday – How to Draw a Mandala DreamCatcher by Shantal Art

In today’s tutorial Shantal Art shows us step by step how she draws a mandala dreamcatcher.

Here is what Shantal Art says about her work: “Dominican, living in Florida, with 7 years of experience in mandala & zentangle art, Everything my mind can imagine, I can create. One day my mother told me, shantal why don’t you make a folder with all your arts, where you keep them, so I did, the first one was full then 2nd ,3rd ,and everyone wanted my art.And there began shantal art as a store, shaping my art in everything! A time later I saw the need to hold the progress of the store, so I can focus on my career as an industrial designer, after finishing all my studies, decided to open again, but with something new, teach, and let everyone knows what a human is capable to create! And here is the youtube channel and instagram account, if you are not good at art or do not have enough time to develop it but still want mandalas, doodles and zenart at home, books etc .. all my arts are available to sale.”

Enjoy this tutorial and happy dreams!

How to Draw a Mandala DreamCatcher by Shantal Art


Shantal Art Mandala dreamcatcherTo find out more about Shantal Art see:


SNAPCHAT: Shantalholguinv

TWITTER: ShantalArt


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Mandala Monday – It’s a Birdzengle! How I Draw a Hummingbird by Linetastic Art

Today’s tutorial is how to draw a Birdzengle or a Zentangle Hummingbird by Linetastic Art.  If you look closely at the finished image:

birdzengle by Linetastic art

you will see that it also looks like a mandala superimposed over the hummingbird’s body and wings. It’s a beautiful image by a passionate artist that loves to draw Zentangle images.

Enjoy Linetastic Art’s video and drawing process!

It’s a Birdzengle ! How I Draw a Hummingbird by Linetastic Art

birdzengle linetastic artTo find out more about Linetastic Art see:


She also has the hand-drawn Zentangle Drawings used as Scrapbook Paper to print and color in her Etsy Store:

Background music for this video:
ARTIST: prObeats
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TITLE: Queen Of The Skies
TITLE: High Above

ARTIST: Joey Pecoraro
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5 Videos on How to Hand Draw a Mandala from Artwork by Atmara

I’ve created a number of posts on creative and unique ways to create mandalas, but today I thought we might go back to the basics and look at simply drawing a mandala. So here are 5 tutorials on just that, how to hand draw a Mandala!

 Hand draw a mandala by The Art Geek

How to Draw Mandala Art by The Art Geek

  1. HOW TO DRAW -MANDALA ART✽ by the ART gEEK – Step by step instructions for creating a beautiful mandala with ease.
  2. Drawing a Mandala Freehand by Ann-Marie Cheung A freehand drawing of a Mandala on card stock using an ultra fine point Sharpie marker.
  3. How to Draw a Simple Mandala – by BattiManZel – A simple and beautiful way of drawing with white ink on dark paper.
  4. How to Draw a Mandala- For beginners by Creations To Inspire – A great step by step demonstration for beginners.
  5. Drawing a Huge Mandala (400x Speed Edit) – by Peter Draws – For those who really want a challenge here are tips on how to stay focused when drawing a VERY large mandala (it took him 27 hours to complete this mandala!).
 Hand draw a mandala by Peter Draws

Drawing a Huge Mandala by Peter Draws



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