Ho’oponopono & Tapping for Healing & Energy Clearing

In both How Your Attention Can Effect Water and Psychologist Cures the Criminally Insane with Hoʻoponopono I talked about a man named Ihaleakala Hew Len, who used a version of an ancient healing technique called Hoʻoponopono to cure criminally insane patients without ever interacting with them. When that gulf oil spill started there was a lot of buzz about this on Facebook. I had already read the book Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More and have been using this technique in my own life. It involves using four phrases to clear old energy, or data as Hew Len calls it.

I have found using these phrases opens the heart, helps the mind let go of whatever internal struggle is going on, and is just generally useful when you feel off balance emotionally or energeticaly.

Recently I’ve come across several other videos on Ho’oponopono. The first involves the setting to music of the phrases used, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.” I hope you will enjoy it.

The second video combines tapping (often known as EFT) with Ho’oponopono. Tapping, for those of you unfamiliar with it, involves tapping on meridian points to clear energy. There are many videos about it on Youtube you can explore. I would also recommend The Tapping Solution if you are interested in further exploration. I’ve been using tapping for years and have found it very useful. The idea of combining it with Ho’oponopono was intriguing to me. Follow along with the video and see what you think.

I find both of these great tools for clearing energy and using them together can be very powerful. To explore them further check out the links below:

  • Zero Limits Seminar. Joe Vitale And Dr. Hew Len Present Worlds First Zero Limits Seminar On Audios And Transcripts Based On Actual Live Event.
  • Zero Limits Live From Maui DVDs. Let Dr. Joe Vitale And Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Teach You How To Get To The Incredibile & Euphoric State Of ‘Zero’ – (this Is Where You Clear Yourself Of Past Limitations And Open Yourself Up To A World Filled With Unlimited Possibilities).

“I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you.”

I look forward to your thoughts and comments! (if you are reading this on the home page the link to comments is found to the far right of the post title)

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  1. well written blog. Im glad that I could find more info on this. thanks

  2. Glad I could be of help.

  3. Hi

    I love EFT and I’m in the process of building my blog to promote an EFT business. (It’s the freebie that’s taking the time. I went a bit overboard!)

    I also discovered Ho’oponopono when Jess Ortner promoted Jo Vitale’s Zero Limits book towards the end of last year on The Tapping Solution.

    I was aware of Jo Vitale as an internet marketer from years back, so I knew he was to be taken seriously. But No Limits sounded so completely mad that I bought it out of curiosity.

    Since using it myself, I’ve had some very strange experiences. As one-off’s they could be dismissed as coincidence but, when a few things happen in succession, it definitely makes you think.

    I used the two disciplines pretty much from the start when I realised 8 EFT tapping points (including top of head) divided nicely by 4 Ho’oponopono phrases. Must have been ahead of my time!!

    Thanks very much for writing this post as I do tend to forget about Ho’oponopono and you’ve reminded me of it again. Must use it more often – and also re-read the book.

    I even got some blue glass bottles from Ikea (meant to be vases!) and I drink the Blue Solar Water.

    If anyone thinks I’m completely mad, you’ll have to read the book – it’s fascinating.

    All the best to you


    • Thanks, Steve, for your observations. Sounds like you and I found these techniques at a similar time and way. Do the blue bottles seem to make a difference that you can discern?


  4. Hi

    If I drink the water straight from the tap, it has a slight chemical taste – probably chlorine.
    But if the water’s had a few hours in the sunlight in the blue bottles, then I leave it in the fridge to cool, it has a much purer spring water taste to it.

    If it doesn’t have the warmth of the sun for a while, I’m still able to taste the chlorine – so I think there must be something in it.


  5. Hi Atmara,

    I was in a bit of depression over a car accident years back. I’ve never been a fan of taking medication as I’ve always believed willpower is the best way to cure mental anguish, etc. but I was getting deeper and deeper into depression. My Hawaiian cousin recommended Ho’oponopono, and I truly believe that my treatment along with the actual belief that it would help me was my big turning point.

    Thank you for the resources you listed above.

  6. Any other resources you can link to?



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