Mandala Monday – How to Crochet Mandala Dreamcatcher by Naztazia

How to Crochet Mandala Dreamcatcher by Naztazia is our tutorial for today. This is what she has to say on Youtube about this video:

“Donna Wolfe from Naztazia shows you to crochet a mandala or dream catcher with yarn and a hula hoop. This works great as an indoor decoration or outdoors for a yarn bomb event (urban graffiti).”

“This is more of an intermediate or advanced crochet pattern. You will need to know how to crochet the following stitches before starting this project: single crochet, double crochet, treble (triple) crochet (wrap your yarn around twice before inserting your hook), double treble (wrap your yarn around three times before inserting your hook), slip stitch and slip knot.”

I hope you enjoy learning how to create this beautiful dreamcatcher.

How to Crochet Mandala Dreamcatcher by Naztazia

Pattern, text, photos, video © 2016 Naztazia® Music written and performed by Donna Wolfe

 Naztazian Crochet Mandala DreamcatcherTo see more by Naztazia go to:



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