Mandala Monday – How to make a Mandala in Illustrator by Glen Gramling

We’ve looked a several ways to create mandalas in Photoshop the last few weeks so I thought I’d find some information on creating mandalas in Illustrator for those of you who like vector graphics. This video by Glen Gramling shows you how to set up a document for making a mandala using duplicated symbols in adobe illustrator.

How to make a Mandala in Illustrator by Glen Gramling

If you missed the last 3 week’s posts with tutorials on using Photoshop to create a mandala  you can find them here: Mandala Monday – How to create a mandala in Photoshop by Will Currier,  Mandala Monday – How I Make My Mandalas by ohitstay and Mandala Monday – Photoshop: How to Make a KALEIDOSCOPE from a Photo from scratch.


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