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Mandala coloring pages are getting to be more and more popular on the web. For a much better understanding of this art form, this post offers a history of the sacred art. From the Indian Sanskrit, Mandala signifies “circle” and is one of the world’s most historical forms of artwork. All mandala patterns and designs use the circle. The spherical shape represents eternity and nature, particularly the sun, the moon, the earth, and all points depicting life. In each elements of religion and psychology, the distinct kinds of mandalas can be found.

For religious purposes, mandala designs symbolized the world as sacred, and so does everything that exists in the world. Spiritual practices such as Hinduism and Buddhism used the mandala for inner peace and healing. Buddhists created mandala sand paintings to symbolize healing, and as soon as the objective is served, these paintings are then destroyed.

Mandala coloring pages are being used all over the world as a form of remedy. Mandala pictures and patterns are utilized to signify the wholeness of a patient as an individual. This technique of healing has been traced back over a thousand years of analysis and observation with babies having a preference of circles over other styles. This pertains to the ideology that people have an innate fascination with and want to look at circular designs. The generating of mandala designs and patterns as a part of a remedy allows people to collect on their own and recognize their part in the culture and in the world.

Mandala coloring pages come from any inspirations. One of these is the kaleidoscope. If you look carefully into it, you will recognize that all the patterns are symmetrical in all angles and equivalent with all the intricate patterns. Other kinds of mandala artwork take form in recycled vinyl data and compact discs as the foundation, and even dinner plates and fabric garments. Other people make use of fractal designs and geometry in creating mandala designs and designs. There are hundreds of internet sites these days that supply a wide selection of mandala patterns and picture galleries  from which anyone can get inspiration.

If you carefully analyze a mandala pattern, it is noticeable that there is an image or a dot at the very middle. This is really the basis of the entire piece. This little dot or circle represents a seed, a drop, or a egg, which are both spherical or circular in shape. Its symbolism is that this is where the energies from exterior are drawn into. Apart from the designs and line patterns in a mandala, the colors also symbolize something. The most dominant colors in a mandala are blue, yellow, red, green, and white. Based on what you use for mandala coloring pages, each piece will be unique. Blue represents the delusion of anger which becomes the mirror of knowledge. Red represents the delusion of attachment which becomes the wisdom of discernment. White is the delusion of ignorance which turns into the wisdom of reality. Green is the delusion of jealousy which turns into the knowledge of accomplishment. And last but not least, yellow is the delusion of pride which becomes the wisdom of sameness.

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