Mandala Monday – Mandala Jewelry: Mandala Rings

Last week we viewed a few mandala pendants and this week I’ve picked out some mandala rings for your pleasure. Esty seems to be the place that comes up first in searching for handmade jewelry so again I have picked a few samples from there. If you know of other jewelry sites with mandala rings please feel free to list them in the comments section.



Above is Star Mandala Ring by StumblingOnSainthood



Here is Flower Mandala Ring by GPyoga



And here is Tribal Etched Brass and Cooper Mandala Ring by Cuprum29



And finally, Eastern Mandala Ring by ThePendantQueen

These are, again, just the tip of a huge iceberg of mandala rings available on the web. Please feel free to list links to your favorites in the comments section.


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!


  1. Star ring superb. Its styling is brilliant, near-Jungian perfection. I’ve “lost” the mandala ring. left to me by my late wife, 11 years ago. Perhaps someone else needed it more than me, but I miss it badly. The Star would make an admirable replacement, if lacking the obvious sentamentality.

    • Click on the link under the picture (the words “Star Mandala Ring” are linked) and see if it is still for sale. 🙂


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