Mandala Monday – Multiple Mandala Media

When we think of mandalas we usually think of either sand paintings (see for some beautiful examples) or paintings done with traditional media: paint, ink, paper, canvas, etc. In recent years we can add computer generated mandala paintings as well. But I have been amazed at some other unique and creative ways people have thought of to make mandalas and want to share some of these with you.

1. Virginia Fleck ( makes mandalas from recycled plastic bags. You can visit her website and also read this interesting interview with her at (


2. I’ve found several sources of crochet mandalas. One is Nancy’s Crochet: Christmas Mandalas ( and the other is Crochet with Raymond – Getting Some Mandala Action (


3. I’ve found crystal mandalas in several forms: Julion Craft – Crystal Mandalas ( and A Blissful Existance’s Healing Crystal Webs on Facebook (!/album.php?aid=146311&id=100723860914)


4. Amy Swagman creates Birth Art Mandalas ( – and while she uses traditional media, the subject of her mandalas is uncommon and the mandalas extraordinarily beautiful and unique.


5. Joe Mangrum creates Sand Mandalas on urban streets (, something quite different from traditional Buddhist sand mandalas.


6. Clare Ultimo creates Word Mandalas ( combining images and words.


7. I’ve found several quilters who make mandalals: Mandala quilt ( and Dream It Then Create It (


8. Howard G. Charing’s site shows shamanism and ayahuasca art mandalas (

Pablo Amaringo with Misterio Profundo

9. And then there are the Human Mandalas like  7 Sisters Human Mandala ( and (


10. One really unique medium for mandala is seen at Spicy Mandalas – Crafts Home – Falafel and the Bee ( I’m not sure what you do with these after they are finished, but they do seem a fun family project for a rainy day.


There are, I’m sure, many other examples of unique and creative media used for mandala making. These are what I’ve encountered so far. If you know of more list them in the comments below.


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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