The Practice Of Meditation With Mandalas – Guest Post

Healing Mandala 4 © Atmara Rebecca Cloe

Healing Mandala 4 © Atmara Rebecca Cloe

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The idea that painting and graphics have the ability to influence the spiritual state of a person has been known from the ancient times and is also proved by the latest scientific researches. In India special graphic images for entrance to the state of trance have gotten the name “jantra” or mandala. Meditation with mandalas allows one to carry these images to your consciousness in the visual form, to consolidate them and also to come to higher levels of the spontaneous, “direct” perception of the objects of meditation and the whole world in general. Besides, in mandalas within the graphic forms many esoteric aspects of secret teaching have been coded, these teachings show that with every new experience a mandala can show new sides of its inner sense to a student and aid in spiritual awakening.

The methodology of mediation.

1. Sit down in a meditative pose and relax. Calm your breathing, taking it into your control.

2. Concentrate on the image of the mandala. The mandala has to be placed on the level of your eyes at distance of 2-8 inches (depending on the size of the drawing).

3. Imagine that while taking deep breathes, you bring into yourself the innermost essences of the mandala, and breathing out you get rid of all negative thoughts. In 30 seconds to one minute of this “figurative” breathing you will stop paying attention to breathing, as if it does not exist at all or is some insignificant attribute of your body form.

4. Keep opening to the inner sense of the mandala.

5. Try to open to the meaning and properties of very part of the mandala by isolating it separate elements.

6. Come back to the complex generalized perception. The mandala is not just a disorderly set of some symbols. There is its own special sense in this combination and connection of the parts of the mandala. Try to perceive this sense.

7. If you feel yourself tired, stop the exercise, be satisfied with what you have found out about the mandala (“from the mandala”) at the given moment. Take your attention to your breath, repeat “AUM” three times and stand up slowly.

What does this exercise give to you? First of all it is really a great relaxation. You spend about fifteen twenty minutes doing this exercise but after it you will feel as if you had been having rest for several hours. Your abilities in figurative thinking become much better also.

Texts of mantras you will easily find on the Internet, as for a mandala itself you also can find the drawings in Internet, but it would be much better if you draw a mandala yourself. It is very easy and your own mandala will work much better for you.

The current world is the world of rush and urgent matters. We hardly can find a minute to stop and think about the Universe and our inner selves. In this case mandalas could help you divert away from routine and contemplate for a while.

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