Mandala Monday – The Fibonacci sequence in all its glory

I saw this STUNNING video of the Fibonacci sequence, which is often referred to in sacred geometry circles, posted on YouTube by Monio E, and knew my readers would love this. This is what Monio E had to say about the video:

“Breathtaking animation of the Fibonacci sequence. Then it moves on to the Golden and Angle Ratios, the Delaunay Triangulation and Voronoi Tessellations. This would be math-class gold, and it’s awfully sweet even if math class is years behind you.”

Music and art by Wim Mertens.

Enjoy! It’s spectacular.

Sources of information online about the Fibonacci sequence include:


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Mandala Monday – The Hidden Sky: Fibonacci Movie from Cara Reichel

I found this beautiful video demonstrating the Fibonacci Sequence, one of the building blocks of the Universe. If you are unfamiliar with this aspect of sacred geometry you can fine material at Wikipedia to acquaint you with it. There is much material on the web explaining the mathematics of the Fibonacci Sequence and I will leave it to you to explore that if you are interested. What I find interesting about this video is that it was part of a play performed in 2010. The details of the play are below the video. I find it fascinating that sacred geometry found it’s way into a musical theater production.  The Fibonacci Sequence is truly all around us. Enjoy!

The Hidden Sky: Fibonacci Movie from Cara Reichel on Vimeo.


Jan. 30 – Feb. 28, 2010

at the West End Theatre (263 West 86th St.) in the Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew

music and lyrics by Peter Foley

book by Kate Chisholm

based on the short story “The Masters” by Ursula K. Le Guin

directed by Kate Chisholm

Science and religion collide in this sophisticated and mythic new musical. At the center of the conflict is Ganil, a young woman whose passionate longing for knowledge leads her on a dangerous journey in pursuit of lost and forbidden truths. With an eclectic score featuring lush choral singing, this compelling tale of spiritual awakening illuminates the complex dialogue between faith and reason.”

“The power of Foley´s score effectively communicates the exhilaration of intellectual discovery… The melodic urgency, rhythmic variety, harmonic invention and orchestral sophistication of his music compel the attention. Foley acknowledges a range of influences from Sufi music to the rock band U2, yet what he has made of them is something uniquely his own.” — The Philadelphia Inquirer


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Mandala Monday – Sacred Geometry 101F (Part 2): Pi – Phi – Fibonacci Sequence by Charles Gilchrist

In Part 2 of lesson 101 F of  Charles Gilchrist’s Sacred Geometry series he explores relationship between Pi, Phi, and the Fibonacci Sequence.

For more details on Sacred Geometry: go to  Charles Gilchrist’s Sacred Geometry website:



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