Mandala Monday – 29 Free Printable Mandala Colouring Pages by Desirée Ossandon

29 Free Printable Mandala Colouring Pages by Desirée Ossandon, today’s offering, is another wonderful collection of downloadable colouring pages offered by Canada Arts Connect. Here are a few sample of what you will find:

To download these and other images go to

Here is what Desirée has to say about mandala coloring “You can think about mandala coloring pages as letting your inner child emerge and also have a fun time, or you might think about this activity as a kind of meditation. Selecting colors and also the gentle, tiresome motion of the hands while you bring color to paper helps calm the mind–getting your usual rapid-fire ideas lower to some much reduced pace.”

Desirée Ossandon  is a writer and multidisciplinary artist as well as the founder, writer/editor, and community manager of Canada Arts Connect.


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