Mandala Monday – Free Mandalas to Color by WelshPixie

Today I’ve got more mandalas to color, this time made by WelshPixie who posts on Here is what she says about her mandalas:

“For the mandalas, I draw patterns and scan them onto the computer. I use Photoshop to flip and copy them into a full circle, so that the patterns repeat almost perfectly.

For the doodles, I draw straight onto paper with black ink pens, and let the imagination flow. I don’t start with any pre-conceived ideas, I just draw a central shape and then build up shapes and patterns around it. I use a thicker 0.5mm pen for the main shapes, and then fill in detail with a finer 0.3mm nib. The doodling itself is just as relaxing as the coloring-in afterwards!

I provide the full-size files for free download, all at 600DPI and high resolution for high printing quality so that anyone can download, print and color my art for free, and hopefully find it as relaxing as I do.”

Here are three examples of her work:

BoredPanda WelshPixie 1 BoredPanda WelshPixie 2 BoredPanda WelshPixie 3

You can find large images high resolution copies of these and other mandalas, ready to print and color at:



I look forward to your thoughts and comments!



Mandala Monday – Free Mandala Coloring Pages by Monday Mandala

Today I have Free Mandala Coloring Pages by Monday Mandala for those of you who love to color mandalas. These are really stunning designs. Below you will find a sample of a few and you can download them and more at

Blue Garden by Monday Mandala

Blue Garden by Monday Mandala

Download the coloring page here:

Four Noble Truths by Monday Mandala

Four Nobel Truths by Monday Mandala

Download the coloring page here:

There are many more to choose from so please visit the site. You can also find Monday Mandala at:


Monday Mandala would not be possible without the help of their illustrators listed below:

Hamdi R., Surabaya, Indonesia
Anoosha G., Karachi, Pakistan
Varda K., Kanpur, India
Sasha S., New Mexico, United States
Murray W., Scotland, United Kingdom
Angela F., Northern Territory, Australia
Tabby B., Kentucky, United States
Angela R., Toronto, Canada

Happy coloring!


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!