Reconnective Healing-Strings, Strands, Light and Information

What is Reconnective Healing?

Let me first quote from the material on the official brochure created by the Eric Pearl’s organization at

“Reconnective Healing tends to be a life-changing experience. Now, for the first time, you may access a new, more comprehensive spectrum of healing than has been attainable at any point prior to now, one that not only includes yet expands beyond any and all known forms of “energy” healing. The Reconnective Healing spectrum is comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information. It allows for healings that are not just physical, not just mental, not just emotional… yet go beyond that to bring you healing that includes the evolution of your very being and essence! Vastly different than Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shin, Qi Gong or any healing “technique” ever encountered, Reconnective Healing allows you to transcend technique and its limitations.

Your interaction with these highly palpable energies is initiated during your session, and they continue to work with you long after you’ve left your Reconnective Healing Practitioner’s office. Following your sessions, you will be attuned to a more comprehensive and evolutionary healing frequency than ever before.”

Reconnective Healing first came through Eric Pearl, then working as a chiropractor, in the early 90’s. You can read his experience with these frquencies in his informative and entertaining book, The Reconnection. In simply reading this book many of us have experienced a transmission of these frequencies. As stated in the quote above, these frequencies go far beyond what we normally consider energy healing. One of the remarkable stories Eric tells in his book is about the over 50 patients who spontaneously went into a trance during their session with him, and all channeled the same 6 phrases:

  • We are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing.
  • What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet.
  • What you are doing is reconnecting strands.
  • What you are doing is reconnecting strings.
  • You must know that you are a master.
  • We’ve come because of your reputation.

While these phrases are certainly open to interpretation, many believe strands refer to DNA and strings to String Theory in Physics. Whatever happens when these frequencies show up is certainly complex and beyond the practitioner’s or client’s knowing as to what specifically is happening. My experience is that these frequencies “arrive” in the room and both the client and I are interacting with them throughout the session. They also “arrive” quite spontaneously at times during my day, and I suspect they do also for clients who have been exposed to them.

They also seem to work as powerfully remotely as when the client is in the room. Remote clients report the exact same experiences as those in the room with me.

What can you expect to receive during a session?

Everyone’s experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. A saying often used by Eric is “If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipated; if you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you haven’t even thought of, one that the universe has in mind specifically for you.”

  • You may or may not have powerful sensory experiences.
  • You may have a physical healing, or the work may be on the level of DNA or quantum physics with no outward change during the session, or you may experience healing in some other area of your life which unfolds over time. Each healing is unique.
  • This is Universal intelligence doing whatever needs to be done in that moment.
  • To me it is very sacred work. I feel I am being used as an instrument to help “tune” the client to these frequencies.
  • It’s evolutionary in my view and we receive whatever is next for us in our particular evolutionary path. For me personally these frequencies have been as much about spiritual awakening as physical healing. Others may feel they are about something else.
  • We all receive whatever “light and information” is needed at that time.
  • This “light and information” can continue to work with you long after your session.

For more information about Reconnective Healing visit the official site at

If you are interested in a session, please contact me. I specialize in remote sessions, so where you live is not important. The exact same process will happen whether you are on a table in front of me, across town, or across the nation (I’ve done all three and the reports from my clients have always been the same no matter the distance). I would be honored to fascilitate a session for you.

What “light and information” do these frequencies have for you?
Schedule a session and find out!


“The Reconnective Healing sessions with Atmara have been very helpful. My sleep patterns improved which is so essential for good health. My lower back had a big adjustment while I was on her table – I had been going to network 3 times a week and to a gentle chiropractor and neither had facilitated that. It was the initiation of a deeper unwinding that is happening with my body. It helped me get my focus so that I can continue to learn the language of this body and respond intelligently to its signals for balance. Thank you so much Atmara! I highly recommend this. Just see what happens.” – Lisa Schumacher, Oregon

“I just spent a (distant) hour with Atmara Rebecca Cloe experiencing The Reconnection. I read the book and was excited about trying it! It took only a few minutes to feel the tingles in my hands, which traveled up my arms and soon put me into a state of calm relaxation. I could feel different sensations at different times and different… areas … See More throughout the session… gentle massaging in areas that needed it. Somewhat difficult to explain, but definitely visceral and well worth doing! I’m still feeling it as I write this, especially in the third eye and the heart. Many thanks, Atmara!” – Dana Weekley, New Jersey

“I had a distance session with Atmara about five days ago and it was Wonderful! I woke up and actually received the energy at 4am, six hours before the session. It just popped me out of bed and I sat in an ocean of still and radiant energy. When the session began I melted into the deepest level of rest and calmness I have …ever experienced. I have a very agitated nervous system so this was super nourishing to me. The really good news is the energy is still available! I can just rest and absorb it whenever I want ~ it is making a big difference in my energy and abilities throughout the day. During the session I felt as if tiny hands were working gently within the cells and organs of my body and since the session I can feel them still working to open up new levels of healing and awareness. I highly recommend this work!” ~ Barbara Shepard, California

The Yoga of Alignment-An Interview with Rebbie Straubing

Today I am interviewing Rebbie Straubing. Rebbie and I knew each other in college. We had lost touch over the years (a scary number of years–how did we get this old?), but one day I was in a “I wonder what happened to….”  googling mood and I found her! She was doing something called the Yoga of Alignment, had written a book about it, Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment, and was teaching people about her alignment system as well as working closely with the law of attraction and the Abraham-Hicks materials. I read her book, we reconnected and I’ve been a recipient of her JHE sessions (more detail later) ever since. I’m a big fan of her work and am excited to share it with you.

1. You wrote a blog post recently about your transition from being a chiropractor to asking the Universe to “use you.” Would you share that story with my readers?

Interesting you should ask that, Atmara. I rarely talk about this, and even here I will make it brief. But I think you recognized the core of this story which is probably true for you, too, and for most of your subscribers. I had a time in my life of crisis and great loss. I think many people have experienced this to one degree or another. And if you have, you know that those moments tend to strip away everything that is not important and not true for you, and they bring into focus the true calling of your soul.

I was a chiropractor with a private practice on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I was doing work that I absolutely loved. I was, as they say, “at the top of my game.” But I became ill and after pushing through it for a few months, I could no longer work. I hired someone to cover the practice for me for two weeks. Well, about three years later, still not able to work, I went to the office to close it. I was sitting in one of the adjusting rooms, slowly packing things up. I was coming face to face with the reality that I was not coming back to that office, or that life.

This is a moment that looks like a moment of great sorrow. I think many people have had moments like this too, perhaps not as extreme, but most of us pass through times of feeling defeated and hopeless.

At this moment in my life I called my sister Marsha. She told me about a song by Rickie Byars Beckwith and Rev. Michael Beckwith called “Use Me.” I said, “Use me?” She explained that this was about letting God work through you. It was about making yourself available for God.

The song says, “Use me, Oh God. I stand for you and here I’ll abide as you show me all that I must do.”

At that moment (in the mid 1990s) I chose to take on that stance. “Use me.”

2. I find your YofA system as outlined in “Rooted in the Infinite”, with it’s focus on the root chakra and the x,y,z axis unique. I’ve explored a lot of models for how energy works in the body, but none like this. Would you give us a brief summery of the system itself, and tell us how you develop or discovered this system?

The YOFA® System of Inner Alignment is like a tripod. Its three legs are:

  • The ancient science of Yoga meditation
  • The Abraham-Hicks teachings on Law of Attraction and Inner Guidance
  • The healing philosophy of chiropractic

These three fundamental influences merge in this system and branch in several directions. For example, YOFA offers:

  • a unique perspective for living a spiritual life in a physical body
  • a specific system of Inner Alignment meditation
  • a method of remote Inner Alignment Sessions
  • a deep integration of Law of Attraction into daily life and spiritual practice

This system came to me in a series of revelations over the course of years. And so, the book, Rooted in the Infinite, pieces together these influences so that you can see that they are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Once you see how intricately they fit together, they set the context for the specific YOFA® revelations that came more specifically through my instrument.

So let’s see if I can give you the system in a nutshell. We all want out lives to be joyful, prosperous, loving, etc. Another way of saying that is that we want our inner garden to flourish. This system teaches you how to do that. It’s a system of inner gardening that leads to inner beauty, fruition of talents, loving relationships, and the fulfillment of the true desires of the heart. That’s the “in a nutshell” version.

I can get a little deeper into how all this works if you like. Here goes: We live in a three dimensional physical world, right? Well, we don’t often realize it, but those three dimensions have metaphysical counterparts that live within our consciousness. You can picture a map of the three dimensions like a set of old fashioned monkey bars. There are physical monkey bars in the outer world and there are energy monkey bars in the inner world.

Each axis of this three dimensional world corresponds to a profound aspect of being human. And at the center of this three dimensional system, is hidden an unnamed dimension where we find pure consciousness. This is where we are rooted in the infinite.

It’s very useful to understand the meaning of these axes. By watching how our desires run along these axes, and how Law of Attraction responds to these movements, we can dramatically shift the course of our lives in a more satisfying direction. We become less dependent on circumstances and we manufacture our own joy from within.

By practicing the meditation aspect, you can bypass years of “trying” to meditate and move swiftly into advanced, beneficial states of meditation. The book Rooted in the Infinite outlines the system so that you get very grounded in your understanding. Then, there is a practice section in the back of the book. There is literally a complete training in that little book! And the recordings of the meditations are available as mp3 downloads or on physical CDs. You can use the book and recordings to train yourself into alignment and start harvesting fulfilled desires in all aspects of your life. Rooted in the Infinite looks like a paperback book but it is really a complete home study course. You can find out more at

3. You offer something called “jhe” sessions. Would you explain what this is?

Some people sign up for physical “healing,” others for relationship issues, some for financial issues, many for general well being. I also have a free service I do for people dealing with autism. (Parents can sign up their child who is on the autism spectrum at .

The first thing that members usually notice when they receive these sessions is a feeling of lightness. They feel physical and emotional lightness. You know the expression, “walking on air”? That’s the feeling people usually get when they are in love. That feeling is an indication of Inner Alignment. And so, when you come into alignment through the YOFA® Inner Alignment Sessions, you feel something like that even though the conditions in your life may not have changed. (Atmara: I can confirm this–I even felt this from reading the book!)

As you spend more time in that state, and as you get more fluent in finding your way back into alignment when you’re out, you start manifesting different conditions. And so, eventually, conditions can actually change quite dramatically. We’ve seen years and years of chronic pain go away. We’ve seen job offers come in at a significant increase in salary (double in one case). We’ve seen years of stressed family relationships morph into happy loving holiday celebrations. These things change so radically and so beneficially because Law of Attraction has a chance to bring you the true desires of your heart. When you are in alignment with the desires that vibrate with your inner truth, they manifest.

By the way, you may have noticed that I put the word “healing” in quotes before. I prefer to use the word “jhe” which is an acronym for “joyful harmonious expressiveness.” I like to use this phrase, or word, to replace words like “health” and “healing.”

I do this because words like “health” have collected a very mixed vibration over the years. And words are powerful. So, if you are seeking health, you certainly want your words to be helping your efforts, not hurting them. When you think of healing your body, don’t you instantly think of a body that is less than well? When you think of healing your finances or your relationships, doesn’t your mind immediately start wondering what the problem is? Our minds are a little bit like rubber bands. If you give the mind a word like health, it stretches briefly toward the real meaning of health, but then it lets go and springs forcefully toward its opposite.

I came up with the word formula “joyful harmonious expressiveness” because, at least for me, it more accurately conjured the desired state. If it works for you, I invite you to use it.

I do the YOFA® jhe Sessions, or Inner Alignment Sessions, in service to each member’s joyful harmonious expressiveness in all areas of their lives. What many people love about this membership is that there is nothing they need to do. I find that people have so much to do and so little time. Many people don’t want one more thing to read or to listen to. They just can’t fit it in. Since I do these sessions for you, it takes none of your time. Isn’t that great? In fact it can even give you more time because as you come into alignment, you become more efficient and things go more smoothly. Of course I have to add a disclaimer. I am not a medical doctor or psychologist and I do not diagnose nor treat medical conditions. I cannot guarantee that you will have any of the improvements that others have had. What I can guarantee is that if you don’t feel that it is working for you, I will refund your payment, so you get to try it at no risk. I think a refund was only requested once. But I love having that “no questions asked” guarantee because I really prefer only having members who love the jhe sessions. It’s best for everyone.

And many people stay on for years. It’s like brushing your teeth. You don’t stop doing it after you’ve done it a few times. It is a way of life. Inner Alignment is like that. It is a way of cleaning up your vibration on a regular basis. I recommend that members also do the meditations themselves, but it is not necessary at all. You can find out more at

4. What other products and services to you offer?

One of my favorite of the YOFA® products is the “I Am Love” Affirmative Contemplation recordings. These are guided meditations of spiritual affirmations. They focus on the cultivation of Divine Love. There are short recordings for the morning and lunchtime. There are longer recordings for going to sleep (excellent for insomnia). These are available as mp3 downloads at or as a physical CD on CD Baby.

I also have a popular ebook for finding your soul mate. It is a Law of Attraction method for creating your new relationship. It has worked over and over again. It’s more of a method than a book. The instructions are clear and all you have to do is follow them. You can get that at

You can also get the free ecourse called “7 Secrets for Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire.”

These low priced (and free) products provide an excellent entry into the YOFA® perspective. Of course there are others and anyone who is interested can find out more about YOFA® at

5. Anything else you’d like to add?

I would like to encourage people to love themselves. Not in an egotistical way. In a pure way. One of the affirmations in the Affirmative Contemplation collection is “I love being me.” This specific word formula makes a wonderful mantra for bringing yourself into alignment. You can also sit and write a list of reasons why you love being you. This is a great way to get a joyful hum going in your life.

Of course, you can use the phrase, “I love myself,” but this might bring some static into your vibration. “I love being me” is a clearer path, I believe, to a pure state of alignment.

I strongly recommend choosing words that feel good to you. Words seem like they mean the same thing to everyone. After all, you can look up their definitions in the dictionary. But they are actually very personal. So be sure to find the words that feel best to you and use them often. And if you like the feeling of, “I love being me,” I’d be honored if you use that in your inner journey.

Thank you, Rebbie, for taking the time to do this interview. It’s so great to reconnect with you in this way.

If any of you have had experiences with Rebbie’s work that you would like to share, please leave a comment.

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Ho’oponopono & Tapping for Healing & Energy Clearing

In both How Your Attention Can Effect Water and Psychologist Cures the Criminally Insane with Hoʻoponopono I talked about a man named Ihaleakala Hew Len, who used a version of an ancient healing technique called Hoʻoponopono to cure criminally insane patients without ever interacting with them. When that gulf oil spill started there was a lot of buzz about this on Facebook. I had already read the book Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More and have been using this technique in my own life. It involves using four phrases to clear old energy, or data as Hew Len calls it.

I have found using these phrases opens the heart, helps the mind let go of whatever internal struggle is going on, and is just generally useful when you feel off balance emotionally or energeticaly.

Recently I’ve come across several other videos on Ho’oponopono. The first involves the setting to music of the phrases used, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.” I hope you will enjoy it.

The second video combines tapping (often known as EFT) with Ho’oponopono. Tapping, for those of you unfamiliar with it, involves tapping on meridian points to clear energy. There are many videos about it on Youtube you can explore. I would also recommend The Tapping Solution if you are interested in further exploration. I’ve been using tapping for years and have found it very useful. The idea of combining it with Ho’oponopono was intriguing to me. Follow along with the video and see what you think.

I find both of these great tools for clearing energy and using them together can be very powerful. To explore them further check out the links below:

  • Zero Limits Seminar. Joe Vitale And Dr. Hew Len Present Worlds First Zero Limits Seminar On Audios And Transcripts Based On Actual Live Event.
  • Zero Limits Live From Maui DVDs. Let Dr. Joe Vitale And Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Teach You How To Get To The Incredibile & Euphoric State Of ‘Zero’ – (this Is Where You Clear Yourself Of Past Limitations And Open Yourself Up To A World Filled With Unlimited Possibilities).

“I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you.”

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