Mandala Monday – Another 5 Links to Creating Mandalas

Two of my most popular posts are Mandala Monday – 10 Links to Creating Your Own Mandalas and Mandala Monday – 5 More Links to Creating Your Own Mandalas, so I’ve sought out even more links to creating mandalas and here they are:


Collage Mandala by Kathryn Costa

  1. Mandala Collage – A post by Kathryn Costa on how to create a collage background and build a mandala using a grid.
  2. Henna Inspiration with Mother Henna by Megan Warren – An interview  with Kara LC Jones (Mother Henna) about how she incorporates Henna designs into her mandala making.
  3. Jingle, Jingle, How To Henna a Tambourine – Expanding on the post above,  Kara aka Mother Henna, gives us step by step instructions on how to create a henna mandala on a tambourine.
  4. Introducing Kaleidoscope Kreator™ 3 software – A video showing you how to use an inexpensive PC software product, Kaleidoscope Kreator to create mandala images to use for quilting, crafting, scrape booking and more.
  5. The Mandala Healing Kit: Using Sacred Symbols for Spiritual and Emotional Healing – Spiral-bound – Box set by Judith Cornell – Arthor of several books about mandalas, Judith Cornell has created a complete kit for mandala making, including a 96-page workbook with 24 exercises; a guided audio CD of Dr. Cornell’s most effective meditations; mandala stencils and special paper; and quality colored pencils and gel pen. Available from Amazon.

That should keep you busy!


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!