Mandala Monday – It’s a Birdzengle! How I Draw a Hummingbird by Linetastic Art

Today’s tutorial is how to draw a Birdzengle or a Zentangle Hummingbird by Linetastic Art.  If you look closely at the finished image:

birdzengle by Linetastic art

you will see that it also looks like a mandala superimposed over the hummingbird’s body and wings. It’s a beautiful image by a passionate artist that loves to draw Zentangle images.

Enjoy Linetastic Art’s video and drawing process!

It’s a Birdzengle ! How I Draw a Hummingbird by Linetastic Art

birdzengle linetastic artTo find out more about Linetastic Art see:


She also has the hand-drawn Zentangle Drawings used as Scrapbook Paper to print and color in her Etsy Store:

Background music for this video:
ARTIST: prObeats
TITLE: Emotional Old School Hip Hop Instrumental

TITLE: Queen Of The Skies
TITLE: High Above

ARTIST: Joey Pecoraro
TITLE: toy houses
TITLE: warm


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