Mandala Monday – Mandala Stones: How to Paint Mandalas on Stones Part 3

Painting mandala stones has been the topic of 2 other posts ( and They have been so popular that I’m creating a Mandala Stones: How to Paint Mandalas on Stones Part 3.

The first video today is by alex ride. Enjoy!

How to draw mandala? DIY stone drawing

You can find more about alex ride at:


The second video is by Elspeth McLean. We saw one of her videos in and today we have a more recent video giving us a behind the scenes look at her work.

Behind the scenes with Elspeth McLean-
the process and journey of creating Mandala Stones

Here is what Elspeth McLean says about this video: “I am so happy you have found your way to this little film. After images of my Mandala Stones went viral in 2015 I wanted to find a way to share the true story of the these treasures and my process of creating them.”

“With the help of my friend Blair from SoulFam Productions on film and pretty background music by my husband Adam Dobres join me on this little adventure.”

“We created this film in my first ever studio. For the last 10 years I’ve been painting in little spaces set aside in lounge rooms, my bedroom and even once in the kitchen. Although we moved from this house not after this film was made I am so happy to share this sacred space that was and will always be so special to me.”

“For more of my artwork and links to all my social media-
I also have a FAQ on my website that goes into detail about my technique and other helpful information. “

Enjoy painting stones!


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!