6 Practical Questions to Help You Move Forward with Letting Go – by The Sedona Method

Several months ago I wrote a post titled Letting Go – A Powerful Transmission of Truth about an online film from the Sedona Method, which I highly recommend. In fact, I’ve been so impressed by their techniques that I have not only purchased a number of products, but I have become an affiliate. Today I have some information to share with you  from The Sedona Method on this process, plus a special offer on the Sedona Method Course. I hope you will find it as transformative as I have.

Q. Why haven’t I heard of The Sedona Method?

A. The first Sedona Method class was held in 1974 in Sedona, Arizona. Since then hundreds of thousands of people around the world have experienced its life-transforming benefits.

Until recently the only way to find out about us was to be on one of the direct mail lists we use or to know someone who’s taken one of our seminars or bought a home study course. Now, we are reaching more and more people via the Internet. There is a wise saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” So, perhaps the reason you are just now finding out about it is that you are now ready for it.

Q. What can I expect to happen?

A. From the very first day you put the Method into practice, you will start to see benefits, and the results increase dramatically over time. You will continue to see results as long as you use it, because, at a certain point, releasing becomes second nature. Since emotional issues are part of our lot as human beings, you can receive benefits from the Method throughout your entire life!

Releasing is restorative rather than exhaustive. As you release, events which may have caused you emotional pain in the past and are continuing to cause you pain in the present are let go. What remains is a peaceful feeling. It’s really a very calming experience.

As you practice, you can expect to feel much better, start making better decisions, be more in control of your life, have better relationships and, in general, have your life improve significantly. The specifics for each individual vary widely because each of us has our own unique experiences, goals and life circumstances. Once you discover how to release, your inner self begins to blossom in many exciting ways.

Everything reported on our website is possible for you. The Method is a tool, and the more you use it, the more you will get out of it. Most graduates report feeling immediately calmer, happier and more alive. This leads to relationship improvement, emotional and physical wellness, greater prosperity, and a happier life in general.

Q. If this is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?

A. Actually, everyone does. Releasing is a perfectly natural experience, which everyone has benefited from at one time or another. The Sedona Method shows you how to put that experience under your own control so you can let go consistently, whenever you choose, rather than have it happen only by accident.

There is a place within each of us that is more “core” than just an array of memories making up our past—a calm place from which we can witness the events of our lives without being affected by them. When you learn to access this place, your past issues dissolve more easily as you bring them to awareness.

The Method will not only lead you toward being able to access this “place,” it will also clarify for you the basic underlying motivations that result in all the pain, suffering and discomfort you need to release in the first place. And it will, of course, provide you with the means of letting go of all that comes up for you discover as a result of your new understanding.

Q. Is this a religion, belief system, spiritual practice or brainwashing technique?

A. No. The Sedona Method is simply a technique to let go of unwanted feelings, emotions and everything else that is holding you back. It does not require any special beliefs or ideologies and is in harmony with all religions, belief systems and spiritual practices. The Sedona Method is actually the opposite of brainwashing. The Sedona Method frees you from your dependencies, allowing you to think and act clearly, calmly and thoughtfully. That’s what releasing is all about—freedom.

Q. Is releasing compatible with what I’m already doing?

A. The Sedona Method is like no other system that you’d be familiar with. It is truly unique. However, the feeling of release is something that you are definitely familiar with, even if you haven’t experienced it in a long time. The Method is, however, compatible with most anything else you might already be doing.

It’s compatible with other therapies.

Although the goal of therapy is letting go of unwanted feelings and emotions, The Sedona Method gets you there without being dependent on going to a therapist week after week for months or years at a time. You don’t need to talk to anyone to get results from The Sedona Method. But if you are already seeing someone that is helpful to you, the Method will accelerate your progress.

It’s compatible with meditation and spiritual practices.

You meditate with your eyes closed and have to withdraw from the world to get results. And it often takes weeks, months, and even years to experience profound results. The Sedona Method achieves the same results and more in less time with an “eyes open” technique. Rather than withdrawing from the world you become more “involved” in the world. And because you can do it with your eyes open, you can release in the middle of any life circumstance, while it is happening, and before it has a chance to adversely affect you. Plus, you don’t have to adhere to rules from any group or guru.

If meditation, prayer or affirmations are part of your practice, using the Method will help to clear your mind from moment to moment so that when you do engage in your spiritual practice, you will find yourself more focused and able to go much deeper much more easily.

It’s compatible with motivational programs.

Motivational CDs are great when you are listening to them. But the effect doesn’t last. You are depending on an external source for your motivation. The Sedona Method teaches you how to create/activate your own motivation and then tap into it whenever you feel the need. You don’t need to follow anyone’s orders but your own. In fact, you become your own best coach/teacher.

If there are motivational programs that serve you well, you will find that practicing the Method simultaneously will help you to move past the emotional barriers and break through personal limitations that would have kept you from moving forward before thereby enhancing the results of your program exponentially.

People who have done a fair amount of personal growth work typically report that their insights and understanding of childhood wounding have only brought them so far. They report that the Method actually clarifies for them what they have been seeking all along: a calm, authentic sense of themselves, and a way to maintain this awareness easily. They feel like they have found the missing piece to the puzzle. It is equally true that Sedona graduates who have never done a day of therapy experience a profound transformation in the way they live their lives.

Q. The price seems a bit high to me. How do I know it will work for me?

A. Compared to years of therapy and most other self-help programs, The Sedona Method is very inexpensive. If cost of the audio course or a seminar is an issue, you can learn The Sedona Method simply by reading The Sedona Method book and working on your finances. This is a great way to free up your resources to pay for the audio course or a live seminar.

Unless you give it a try, how will you know if won’t work for you? It has worked for so many others just like you that there is every reason to believe it will work for you. In fact, it works for everyone who has a sincere desire to change or improve their life. If you are one of the very few who doesn’t seem to click with this method, you are still at no risk because of our 180-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

Also, if you need help, we have a number of free resources that come with the price of the training to answer your questions and support you through your process and to help you move through the issues that are inhibiting your happiness, prosperity and well-being.

So, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it…

Is it worth the price of the course to resolve that one nagging situation or issue in your life? That one you think about way too often?

Is it worth a small amount of your time and money to rid yourself of stress and worry, especially with regard to your health and well-being? What price would you put on that?

“The gift of presence is priceless.” – Sedona Method Graduate, Mark Kogan

You really don’t have anything to lose. If The Sedona Method doesn’t radically transform your life and your health after using it diligently for up to six full months, simply return your course and receive a refund for your full purchase price, no questions asked.

So go ahead and give it try. I know you’ve tried everything else. And I also know that if you work The Sedona Method, it will work for you.

Take The Sedona Method Challenge. Click Here.

There’s no better time to take The Sedona Method Challenge than right now because, for a limited time, we are offering the full 20-CD four-courses-in-one Sedona Method Audio Course for an additional 20% off the already discounted price of $298.00. You must use coupon code F43C826D on the last page of your checkout process to receive the deepest discount we’ve ever offered on this life-transforming course. (We will pull this price, so act now if you want to secure the best price possible!)

So, the only remaining question is… Will the next life transformation be YOURS?

To learn more about the Sedona Method or purchase their products,

Click Here.

(The Sedona Method Course is currently being offered with a
6 month money back guarantee. How can you beat that?)

Click Here to Purchase.

Have you taken the course? Please let us know how you liked it!


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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Letting Go – A Powerful Transmission of Truth

Have you heard of The Sedona Method? In the 30 some years I’ve be exploring spirituality and personal growth, I would from time to time get some promotional literature from them. In fact, it come so regularly over the years that at times I could almost say I felt like The Sedona Method was stalking me! I’d look at the literature, something about it would be intriguing, but I never felt the urge to act on it. Somehow it just wasn’t the right time.

Recently I received an email about a movie called “Letting Go.” Something about it was interesting enough for me to click on the link and see what it was about. And guess who created this movie? The Sedona Method people, of course! At the time they were offering the viewing of the movie online for $4.97. Something in me said, “OK, it’s time to check this out,” so I paid my fee and watched Letting Go online.

I was blown away! For those of you who don’t know this about me, I’ve been a student of Gangaji (www.gangaji.org) for the last 5 years. When I met her I fell into Love with her in a way that I had no frame of reference for, and still have no words to describe. It was an experience and is a relationship like no other, and through it I have experienced a depth of love I never knew possible, and realized the truth of who I am as that Love. So long story/short I wasn’t searching for anything more spiritually. And that is why it was such a surprise to discover this movie, Letting Go.

First, I have to say there is nothing in Letting Go or The Sedona Method that is at all in conflict with what I have realized with Gangaji. In fact, as I watched Hale Dwoskin speak in Letting Go he kept using the same words that Gangaji uses, often the exact same phrases. I kept thinking, “these two are channeling from the same source!” and they are, truth is truth.

What Letting Go offers is an opportunity for an experiential realization of this truth of who you are. The transmission from Letting Go was so powerful for me that I signed up for an advanced online course called Beyond Letting Go.

The Sedona Method has been evolving and growing over the last 30 years and now offers many powerful ways of letting go of whatever “story” you have running and experiencing the truth of who you truly are. Watching Letting Go you get the chance to experience this along with the workshop participants who were filmed last year in an event in San Francisco. No matter whether you have, or even want to have, a spiritual teacher as I do (some of us just seem to need that relationship, others don’t), Letting Go is an opportunity to open to the truth of who you are, the oneness experience you have been seeking, and learn to let go of the human dramas that keep you from realizing Yourself. And…… drum roll please…

The folks at The Sedona Method have made the online viewing of Letting Go FREE for the month of December. You can also purchase the DVD if you would like, but you can watch it first for free. (Now that December has past the price for viewing online is $4.97)

Hale Dwoskin and the others at The Sedona Method are truly dedicated to the  spiritual awakening of humanity. They put Letting Go together so that anyone who saw it could have a powerful experience of the truth of who they are, whether they ever decide to pursue more of the products available from The Sedona Method. And this month they are making it possible for everyone to view it for free.

Give yourself the gift of the hour and 8 minutes of Letting Go. Take that time to experience for yourself this powerful transmission.

And please come back and tell us what you experienced!


I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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From The Law of Attraction to Zero Limits

I have written before about Joe Vitale’s and Hew Len’s book, Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More. (if you missed these posts please see Psychologist Cures the Criminally Insane with Hoʻoponopono and Ho’oponopono & Tapping for Healing & Energy Clearing). Like many of you, I spent a number of years listening to materials about the Law of Attraction. Certainly there is truth in the idea that cultivating a more positive vibration in your body and mind can help attract a more positive experience of life. But, probably, also like many of you, there are circumstances and events in my life over which I seem to have no control.

From my experience it seems that there is a higher power than my human mind, an intelligence far beyond the scope of the mind, that is orchestrating the unfolding of my life.  This intelligence isn’t separate from my mind, it is in truth what I am, but the mind arises from it, and seems to operate best when it is in service to it.  At a certain point I dedicated my life to this intelligence, this Truth, this Love, and put aside thoughts of the Law of Attraction. I could see that on a certain level it did operate, but on another level something greater was at play. I couldn’t reconcile these two realities very well, so just did not try to. When I read Zero Limits, I found several pages which Joe Vitale wrote that quite clearly, at least to my mind, showed the relationship between these seemingly opposing views of reality. I would like to quote from pages 192 and 193 of Zero Limits. If you have found that the Law of Attraction is just not quite a complete explanation of the intricacies of your life, maybe Joe Vitale’s view of stages of awakening will be of help.

“…by saying ‘I love you” and the other statements (I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you), I’ve been led to a deeper awareness, what some might call an awakening, maybe even enlightenment itself. I came to understand there are at least three stages to this awakening, and they’re almost a map of life’s spiritual journey. They are:

  • You’re a victim. We are virtually all born feeling we are powerless. Most of us stay that way. We think the world is out to get us: the government, the neighbors, the society, the bad guys in whatever form they seem to take. We don’t feel we have any influence. We’re the effect of the rest of the world’s cause. We gripe, complain, protest, and gather in groups to fight those in charge of us. Except for a party now and then, life, in general, sucks.
  • You’re in control. At some point you see a life-changing movie, like The Secret, or you read a book, such as The Attraction Factor or The Magic of Believing, and you wake up to your own power. You realize the power of setting intentions. You realize the power you have to visualize what you want, take action, and achieve it. You begin to experience some magic. You start to experience some cool results. Life, in general, begins to look pretty good.
  • You’re awakening. At some point after stage two, you begin to realize your intentions are limitations. You begin to see that with all your new found power, you’re still not able to control everything. You begin to realize that when you surrender to a greater power, miracles tend to happen. You begin to let go and trust. You begin to practice, moment by moment, awareness of your connection with the Divine. You begin to recognize inspiration when it comes to you, and you act on it. You realize you have choice, but not control of your life. You realize the greatest thing you can do is agree to each moment. In this stage, miracles happen, and they constantly astonish you as they do. You live, in general, in a constant state of amazement, wonder and gratitude. ” (Joe Vitale, Zero Limits, pages 192-193)

I found this simple outline of stages of growth very much in tune with my experience. I was delighted to see that someone, whom many closely associate with the law of attraction, was moving beyond those ideas, not because they are wrong, but because life is just more complex than we first realized. I applaud his discovery, and hope many of his followers will have the same experiences.

We need miracles in this world. We have enormous problems to solve if we are to continue as a species. We need to allow the Divine to inspire us, to stop and surrender to what is, letting go of resistance (which naturally creates a more positive vibration in your being). And waiting, if only for a moment, and allowing the Divinity that we are to inspire the next action.

Are you ready to live fully in each moment, not knowing what the next moment will be, but open to the Divine inspiration that is your deepest source of manifestation?

To explore these ideas further I recommend:

  • Zero Limits Seminar. Joe Vitale And Dr. Hew Len Present Worlds First Zero Limits Seminar On Audios And Transcripts Based On Actual Live Event.
  • Zero Limits Live From Maui DVDs. Let Dr. Joe Vitale And Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Teach You How To Get To The Incredibile & Euphoric State Of ‘Zero’ – (this Is Where You Clear Yourself Of Past Limitations And Open Yourself Up To A World Filled With Unlimited Possibilities).

“I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you.”

I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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