Finding True Peace

I saw a very moving video recently about a program that brings together Israeli and Palestinian teenagers in a setting where they find that without borders and guards, they are all just teenagers with the same feelings, hopes and dreams. I wanted to share this with you.

This is a wonderful program and I am so glad people are inspired to create such things. It is very easy in our external world of duality to find something that is different and make it wrong. You see it even in spiritual communities. “Us and them” seems endemic in human thinking. Programs like this are a wonderful contribution to challenging this dualistic thinking and moving toward external peace in the world.

It is easy to see “us and them” at play externally. But the external is really just a reflection of the internal. We all have wars going on within ourselves. Parts of ourselves we have made wrong and perhaps, banished to the dark recesses of our psyche. Where do you find it in your own mind? What parts of yourself do you see as the enemy? The external hatred we see played out in the world in places like the Mid East, lives inside of every human.

There is so much talk of Oneness in the current spiritual dialog. And all is One, all arises in this One, there is truth here. But there is a difference in an idea and a living realization. In my experience, when we face and welcome the war in our own mind, when we allow the self hatred that we usually keep hidden to be seen and welcomed, only then can we truly find the Oneness, the Peace that we are, that all is. Here is a video that speaks of this internal war, of self hatred and how it’s possible to open to it, welcome it, liberate it.

This is the challenge we all face. To find lasting peace in the world we must face where we are not at peace internally. So in this Holiday Season where the word Peace is used so frequently, take some time to welcome all internally which is not at peace. Find out for yourself what happens when that which has been hidden is brought into the light, when that which has been hated is welcomed into your heart.

May all beings know themselves as the Peace and Love that they are.

(The video that Gangaji referenced at the end of the Youtube clip is available from the Gangaji Foundation at:


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The Manifesto of Encouragement by Danielle Laporte

There are Tibetan Buddhist monks in a temple in the Himalayas endlessly reciting mantras for the cessation of your suffering and for the flourishing of your happiness.

Someone you haven’t met yet is already dreaming of adoring you.

Someone is writing a book that you will read in the next two years that will change how you look at life.

Nuns in the Alps are in endless vigil, praying for the Holy Spirit to alight the hearts of all of God’s children.

A farmer is looking at his organic crops and whispering, “nourish them.”

Someone wants to kiss you, to hold you, to make tea for you. Someone is willing to lend you money, wants to know what your favourite food is, and treat you to a movie. Someone in your orbit has something immensely valuable to give you — for free.

Something is being invented this year that will change how your generation lives, communicates, heals and passes on.

The next great song is being rehearsed.

Thousands of people are in yoga classes right now intentionally sending light out from their heart chakras and wrapping it around the earth.

Millions of children are assuming that everything is amazing and will always be that way.

Someone is in profound pain, and a few months from now, they’ll be thriving like never before. They just can’t see it from where they’re at.

Someone who is craving to be partnered, to be acknowledged, to ARRIVE, will get precisely what they want — and even more. And because that gift will be so fantastical in it’s reach and sweetness, it will quite magically alter their memory of angsty longing and render it all “So worth the wait.

Someone has recently cracked open their joyous, genuine nature because they did the hard work of hauling years of oppression off of their psyche — this luminous juju is floating in the ether, and is accessible to you.

Someone just this second wished for world peace, in earnest.

Someone is fighting the fight so that you don’t have to.

Some civil servant is making sure that you get your mail, and your garbage is picked up, that the trains are running on time, and that you are generally safe. Someone is dedicating their days to protecting your civil liberties and clean drinking water.

Someone is regaining their sanity. Someone is coming back from the dead. Someone is genuinely forgiving the seemingly unforgivable. Someone is curing the incurable.

You. Me. Some. One. Now.


by Danielle Laporte


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Worldwide Tipping Point – Get Inspired

I recently found my way to this website, Worldwide Tipping Point, and it inspires me. I want to share a couple of the videos featured on this site, then I hope you, too, will be inspired to add your energy to this list. Since the 1980’s and the Cold War, those of us old enough to be around then remember the “Hundredth Monkey” theory, the idea the when there is a critical mass of knowledge in a species, the whole species changes. We saw this happen with the fall of communism and the Berlin Wall. We know we are facing a much more crucial tipping point now. Either humans will change and survive as a species or we will perish. Listen to this videos. Be the tipping point.

I am so inspired when I see the youth of today stepping forward to make this change happen. Visit this website. Let yourself be inspired. Let that inspiration live you. I love you. Thank you!

I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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