Mandala Monday – Creating a mandala – Oksitocin Style

Today we have a short video showing you in detail how mandalas are drawn Oksitocin style by Oksana Stepanova. I highly recommend that you go to her website at to see more of her beautiful work.

Here is a quote about her from her website: “Originally from Siberia, Russia, Oksana was raised in URSS, Israel and Canada. At the age of six she starts to develop her artistic talents through dance, drawing and visual arts. At 22 she has completed a degree in Architecture and starts working in the interior design and construction field. With age and maturity her curiosity draws her to more esoteric subjects, she then develops her spirituality and her artistic side through various experiences, encounters, documentaries and travels. She starts her own research in different art fields and discovers a passion in working with Mandalas with a special interest in ancient symbols & Sacred geometry.”



I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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  1. Lovely indeed! But how do I keep everything in a uniform style if I am doing this freehand?


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