Mandala Monday – It’s a Birdzengle! How I Draw a Hummingbird by Linetastic Art

Today’s tutorial is how to draw a Birdzengle or a Zentangle Hummingbird by Linetastic Art.  If you look closely at the finished image:

birdzengle by Linetastic art

you will see that it also looks like a mandala superimposed over the hummingbird’s body and wings. It’s a beautiful image by a passionate artist that loves to draw Zentangle images.

Enjoy Linetastic Art’s video and drawing process!

It’s a Birdzengle ! How I Draw a Hummingbird by Linetastic Art

birdzengle linetastic artTo find out more about Linetastic Art see:


She also has the hand-drawn Zentangle Drawings used as Scrapbook Paper to print and color in her Etsy Store:

Background music for this video:
ARTIST: prObeats
TITLE: Emotional Old School Hip Hop Instrumental

TITLE: Queen Of The Skies
TITLE: High Above

ARTIST: Joey Pecoraro
TITLE: toy houses
TITLE: warm


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Mandala Monday – Zentangle Mandala Drawing by ArtPassion

Today’s post is a video called Zentangle Mandala Drawing by artpassion. Here is what she has to say about artpassion’s videos:

“Our moto : Practice ….the only way to perfection. Admire the nature and be inspired Art is my passion I love learning new things related to art . Henna Mehendi art, Singing , dancing, beading, rangoli art, etc.”

“Through our videos we try to share the art of henna, mehendi. With us learn simple arabic mehendi, intricate bridal design, symbol drawing essential for bridal mehendi.”

This video is a break from their usual mehendi tutorials and shows you artpassion’s style of Zentangle Mandala Drawing. Enjoy!

Zentangle Mandala Drawing by ArtPassion

Music credits :

artpassion -Zentangle Mandala DrawingTo see more of artpassion go to:

Facebook :
Instagram :



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Mandala Monday – The Secret To Drawing A Mandala (Fancy Doodling) by Em Carey

Em Carey show us how she creates mandalas with doodling or Zentangle in today tutorial. Here is what she says about this video:

“Here are some of my tips and tricks for drawing Mandala’s/doodling. I also show you a time-lapse of one of my drawings so you can get an idea of how it was done. Hope this helps you guys 🙂
I want to see your pictures! Tag me in your drawings and show me your stuff. HAPPY DOODLING!”

“You can see more of my drawings here:”

This video is full of tips and “how tos” as well as a demonstration of her drawing. Enjoy!

The Secret To Drawing A Mandala (Fancy Doodling) by Em Carey

And to inspire you even more here is a fantastic video of Em Carey creating an amazing world map mandala drawing using her doodling techniques.


Here is what Em Carey posts about herself:

“My name is Em and I’m a travel/art/fitness/vegan blogger from down under. I have a massive love for life and try to soak up the most of each day. Follow me around on my adventures and see what kind of stuff I get up to! I also use social media to share my crazy health/near death experiences as well. Three years ago I was in a skydiving accident and became a paraplegic, since then I have learnt to walk again but of course I have lots to share about the whole experience. I hope through talking about my accident and injury I can help someone out there to not feel so alone with whatever it is they are going through. Youtube is a place where I can document my life and recovery and you’re all welcome to be a part of it :)”

drawing-a-mandala-by-em-careyTo see more of Em Carey’s work:

Instagram –
Facebook –
Tumblr –
Website –
Snapchat – em_careyy